This is an erotica story of about 8 chapters.

Chapter 1

After my NYSC I had gotten used to living by myself, and I didn’t fancy the idea of going back to live with my parents at 25, so I gathered the little allowance I had saved up and got myself a room apartment far from home. My mom didn’t like the idea, saying I could save the money and use for business while still looking for a job. My dad on the other hand was proud of me. He told me how he was already married at my age, and advised me to get a job quickly, and start working towards settling down.

Even though my room apartment was just a little bigger than the security post at the entrance of most Nigerian banks, it had all the essentials; bathroom, toilet, and a kitchen. My kitchen was smaller than my wardrobe back at my parent’s house, but I hardly cooked anyway, so the place was okay for me. My landlord had built the place with a guard house in mind, but when he couldn’t get anyone he could trust to guard his house, his wife advised him to rent it out instead.

I started job hunting immediately I moved in, going from office to office to drop my CV because I didn’t trust online applications. I lost steam after three weeks of no positive results, and would stay in all day. When I got bored, I resorted to one of the cheapest forms of entertainment known to a broke man; wanking.

I was lying down on the bed, watching a movie on my phone when I got a notification that I had 15% battery life left. “sh*t!” I cursed under my breath and dropped my black Android phone on the bed as I turned on my back to face the ceiling. For some weird reason, I had an erection. It wasn’t like I had been watching porn, but I guessed it was the effect of the ginger and tiger nut drink I had taken earlier in the day. I had gone to charge my phone at a bar close to my house, and decided to try the drink because I didn’t want to drink alcohol.

I have a rule of not masturbating more than 3 times a week, and after doing a little mental calculation, I found out I had room for just one more session this week. My left hand slowly went under my boxer shorts, and grabbed my already throbbing dick. I gently started stroking it with my eyes still focused on the ceiling. After a few seconds, I pulled off my shorts, and in the process, my long meaty dick hit my belly and made a thud sound. For a skinny guy, I had a really big dick, and I loved to play with it. It was about 7 inches long, and 6 inches in girth.
I had my eyes closed now as I slowly ran my hand back and forth on my dick, trying to make the session last as long as possible. I had a Dopamine spike in my brain and I felt so good.

Whenever I approached the point of no return, I would stop, play with my balls a little, and then continue jacking off. After about 5 minutes of fapping, pre-cum started dripping from my dick hole, and I would scoop up the colorless liquid and rub it on my mushroom head; the sensation I got from that action took me to ecstasy every time I did it.

I was deep in my world of pleasure when I heard a knock at the door. Who could it be? I thought to myself as I quickly pulled my bed sheet over my naked body and stayed silent. And then I heard a female voice say, “I don’t think he is around.”

Chapter 2

I could see her lingering outside my apartment and hoped she couldn’t see me. She walked over to the door and knocked one more time, and just as she gave up and started walking away, my phone started to ring. “Sh*t!” I cursed under my breath as I grabbed the phone and silenced it. i saw her figure walking back to the door and knew there was no use pretending not to be around any longer.

After clearing my throat a few times, I said, “Good afternoon, please who is that?”
“Hello,” she said and stopped as if trying to remember what she had to say. “Umm. My dad asked me to give you this PHCN bill.”
“Oh. Okay.” I’m coming. I said and jumped off the bed, looking for clothes to wear. My dick was semi flaccid now and it dangled here and there as I hurriedly got into my boxer shorts. I grabbed a polo t shirt from on top the duffle bag by my bed side, and as I threw on the shirt, I wondered why I was getting a PHCN bill now, when I had barely spent a month in the apartment.

I almost lost balance and fell when I was getting into his jeans, and had to use the wall for balance. The girl heard the little commotion inside the house and said, “Sorry.”
I said “Thank you” in an almost inaudible voice as I fastened my belt buckle and approached the door. For the first few seconds after opening the door, I was mesmerized by her big boobs. They looked like balloons busting out of the black low plunging blouse she had on. “Good afternoon.” I finally said as I focused on the paper in her hand.
“Good afternoon. Umm… So, my dad said I should give you this PHCN bill. Oops, sorry, I mean receipt.” She said, stretching the bill towards me. I took it from her, happy it was actually a receipt and not a bill. “He is not going to be around for the next couple of days, and he thought it would be best you hold it in case the PHCN people came around.”
“Okay. That makes sense.” I said as I looked up from the paper to take a good look at her. The sun was at an angle where its rays hit me directly in the eye, so I had to squint. She was brown skinned and had tribal marks on her cheeks; one incision on each cheek. From her body language, I could tell the tribal marks made her insecure, but other than that, she was a pretty girl.
“Sorry for waking you.” She said as she turned around to leave.
“It’s no problem.” I said. She had on a denim mini skirt and I watched her for a while as she walked away, admiring her smooth, spotless legs. She turned around to look at me and smiled sheepishly as she caught me staring at her. I shot her a quick smile before turning around and stepping back into my apartment.

I put the PHCN receipt on my reading table and sat on the mattress. I was wondering why I had never seen the girl before, and then my phone started ringing again. It was my mom calling again. “Hello ma.” I said into the receiver after picking up. I could hear her munching on something, but she didn’t speak. She did that a lot, so I just waited for her to realize I had actually picked up. When she spoke up, she asked how I was doing, and let me know that my elder sister in the UK had sent me some money. My younger brother had been instructed to do a mobile transfer of the money to my account a few minutes ago, and she wanted to know if I had gotten alert. I let her know he hadn’t, but told her my bank delayed alerts sometimes.

When I ended the call, I checked my phone and saw a message from my bank. It must have come in when I was talking to the landlord’s daughter, I thought to myself. I was super excited when I checked the bank alert and saw that I had been sent twenty thousand Naira.

The money couldn’t have come at a better time as I was down to my last five hundred bucks. I got off the bed and was about to put on my leather slippers and head out to the ATM when I heard voices in the compound. I moved to the curtain, and looked out to see my landlord, his wife and his daughter by their black Toyota Corolla. The man was giving some instructions to the girl, as he walked around the car, checking the tires. His two young sons were at the back seat of the car, looking out through the rare windshield. The man was dressed in sky blue Guinea Brocade attire, same with his reasonably younger wife. She was about half his age, and definitely didn’t look like the mother of the busty girl.

I waited for about two minutes after the car drove out, and then stepped out of my apartment. The turkeys my landlord’s wife was rearing in the compound came running towards me as I headed towards the gate, and I had to shoo them off a few times before they retreated. The five large birds had grown too big for their cage, so the lady just let them roam about the compound.

I was a few feet from the gate when it slowly swung open and the landlord’s daughter walked in. Apparently she had gone out to buy something. “Hello.” I said as I approached her. She responded back with smile and a head nod. “Umm! I didn’t get your name earlier.” I said.
“I’m Bisi.” She said as we walked past each other.
“Okay. Bisi. I’m Paul.” I said and she looked back for a second to acknowledge that before walking off. The turkeys started making gurgling noises as they approached her, and she walked off to their cage by the wall with the black nylon bag in her hand. I looked at her a little while longer before turning around and walking out the gate. The thought of being alone with her in the house for the next couple of days put a smile on my face.

Chapter 3

My bank had a branch at my bus stop, but there was a long queue at the ATM when I got there. The extra chargers for using another bank’s ATM has never been a big deal to me, so I walked five minutes to the next bank, only to meet a longer queue than the one at my bank. There was no use turning back, because I didn’t know what I would meet at my bank when I walk back, so I decided to join the queue. It was just one ATM working, and I was like the 35th person on the queue. I signed and took my position on the line.

I stood there for about fifteen minutes with no movement. The line was so haphazard, and every now and then, someone would appear from nowhere to join the queue in front of me. I understood that people get tired of standing for too long, but I always wished people at ATM points could really just stay in line, so one knows how many people are actually on the queue.

After a while, another one of the Automated Teller Machines started working, and the queue moved a bit faster. I had about 10% battery life left on my phone, but I was going to get fuel for my generator after leaving the ATM, so I was comfortable watching a movie on my phone to kill time.

When it was my turn to use the ATM, a chubby girl in black gown appeared from nowhere and stepped up to the ATM. I instinctively pulled her by the arm. The girl looked visibly upset as she turned to look at me, and when I removed the earphones from my ear, I heard people around echo that she was on the queue earlier. I quickly apologized he let her arm go. The girl didn’t let things end there. She started raining curses on me, and didn’t stop even as she used the ATM. I was angered by the foul words she was spewing at him, but I sighed, put the headphones back on his head, and continued watching the movie on my phone. This infuriated her the more, and she started raising her voice.

When she was done, she turned around walked up to me and started repeating the words, “Are you mad” in a very loud tone. I was boiling up inside, but what could I do? I couldn’t start exchanging words with her, and I sure could fight her physically, so I went ahead to say sorry one more time. That still wasn’t enough for her as she proceeded to hold my shirt. I was about to lose my cool when from the corner of my eye, I saw someone approaching fast. My heart started bearing fast and I didn’t know what I was going to do next. And then from the corner of my eye, I saw someone approaching us very quickly. The girl shifted her focus from me to someone behind me, and the next thing I heard was the sound of a hot slap on the girl’s cheek, and a fight broke loose. A tall girl was now in the scuffle with the chubby girl, swinging her here and there till she slammed her on the floor. It happened in a matter of seconds, and before things could deteriorate any further, a crowd of people had come in to break up the fight.

The bank security finally appeared and dragged the trouble making girl away from the bank premises, and I looked at my savior, the mystery girl walk over to the where she had been on the queue. I couldn’t help but notice how big round ass in the blue jeans she had on. Why had she stepped in to help out? I thought to myself as I stepped up to use the ATM.

When I was done, I searched the queue for her and walked over to say thank you. She smiled and nodded at me. She was tall for a girl, about 5 ft 10, had great set of teeth and a warm smile. One would never imagine her to be a fighter. I was walking away when I heard a man’s voice say, “You no go collect number? Bros, this one like you o.” Laughter erupted on the queue and a little murmur on the matter was heard here and there. I was going to laugh it off, and walk on, but I decided to do as the man said. I walked back to where she was and asked if I could have her number, and she said no problem. She collected my phone, punched in her number, and even saved her name as Aisha before handing me back my phone. I told her thanks one more time before I walked away to a roar of praises from the crowd.

Chapter 4

After leaving the ATM spot, I went straight to get a haircut. I was beginning to go bald, and I always made sure I got a haircut once a week to keep myself looking young. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of getting your hair cut. Well, except the feeling you get when you have sex. Talking of sex, I had a lot of sex in my one year of youth service, but since I got back to Lagos, I hadn’t been so lucky. Maybe my luck will change for the better soon.

As I stepped out of the barbershop, still dusting hair off my body, I saw her crossing to my side of the road. What are the odds? I thought to myself. The universe must surely have something planned up for me. I concluded as I watched her walk towards me. She hadn’t noticed me yet and I took time to take her all in. As a tall person myself, I loved her height. I also liked the fact that she wasn’t too thick or too slim; her weight was just how I liked girls. Plus her ass was so big you could almost see it from the front. A smile appeared on her face when she finally saw me. “Hello.” I said and waited for her to get real close to me before adding, “You’re Aisha, right?” She nodded and looked around as if not comfortable talking to a guy on the road. My brain walked fast and I said, “You live around here?”
“Yes; I live down that road.” She said, pointing at a major road behind me to the right.
“Okay. Umm. Let’s walk; I also live in that direction.” I said and led the way.
“Okay.” She said and walked up beside me.
“So…you know how to fight.” I said and immediately regretted it. That was not a good ice breaker. Aisha, laughed lightly but didn’t say anything back.
I was thinking of what to say when she looked at me with a smile and said, “Mr. P. You have not changed much.”
“What?” I said, with a shocked look on my face. Just as she was about to go ahead and explain herself, I heard someone call out my name. I looked around, but didn’t see anyone, and then the person stepped out of a roadside bar. It was an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while. “Hey! Charlo! How you dey now?” I said to my friend and gave him a hand slap and a hug. He hard on a Inter Millan jersey and his pot belly protruded out of the top.
“Paulo! You just forget everybody.”
“No vex. You know say I travel go east go do NYSC.”
“Hello.” My friend greeted Aisha, and she smiled back at him. “Ehen, so you go east for NYSC?” He asked, facing me again.
“Yes o!”
“Which state?”
“You serious? Na my state be that na. You know Aguleri?”
“Na where dem post me go be that na. Otuocha”
“Chai! I for don give you enough girls if to say I know.” He said and then looked at Aisha, “Sister, I’m just joking o.” He wasn’t sure if she was my girlfriend, so he had to turn it to a joke. We laughed and then he told me he had to run. He asked me if I was still using my same number, I said yes, and he said he would give me a call.

After my friend left, I faced Aisha and asked, “Ehen, how come you…how come you know my nickname?” She laughed lightly but didn’t say anything. I was thinking of the way she called my nickname, and tried to recall if she was a girl I bleeped back in the day when I was rolling with some Yahoo boys in this neighborhood. I immediately got excited of the mystery of it all and was willing to be left in suspense while I figured things out. “Are you in a hurry? Can we chill at this bar for a while?” I asked and she looked into space for a while before saying, okay.

We walked into the bar my friend, Charles had just come out from. The spot was like the size of two shops; not too big. It had about half a dozen sets of plastic chairs and table scattered around, with big standing fans; the type of fans that can blow a baby off a bed. I walked over to the extreme right rare end of the bar, and we took our seat. All the time, I was still thinking of where I had known Aisha from. The name didn’t sound familiar, and the face didn’t look familiar either. “Well done.” I said to the bar man when he walked up to us. “Give me one bottle of legend.” I said and looked at Aisha. “What will you take?”
“Do you have Heineken?” She asked the barman and I eyes popped out. Things are sure about to get interesting. I thought to myself. The barman nodded at her and left.

After a little silence, I asked her, “Are you Bello’s sister?” She smiled but shook her head. Bello was the only Hausa friend I had and I was thinking maybe she was his sister. The barman returned with the bottles of beer; they were ice cold, with frost on their body.
When the barman left, she looked at me and smiled before saying, “You used to be my teacher.”
“Are you serious?”

Chapter 5

She nodded in affirmation to my question. And I looked at her, stunned for a few seconds, going down memory lane of all the places I had taught as a Math teacher. “How old are you?”
She laughed a little at my question before answering with, “I’m 21. You taught me when I was 17, 4 years ago.”
“Okay. Wow!” I said, still surprised. Back when I was an undergrad at the university, my main hustle was being a part-time mathematics teacher at tutorial centers. The pay wasn’t much, but those tutorial centers were so much around my campus, and the money I got from all of them came up to a substantial amount. “You tried o, that you remembered my face.”
“As I said, you haven’t really changed much.” She said with a smile.
“Hmm! That’s interesting.” I said and poured myself a glass full of Legend as I checked her out opposite me at the table. She had on a white V neck top, and her cleavage was quite inviting.

She told me the name of the tutorial center I had taught her at, but I couldn’t remember. It was a long time ago, and I taught at so many of them back then. She let me know I was her favorite teacher and the reason she was able to do well at Math in JAMB.

It all made sense now. I was like her hero, and seeing that girl abuse and manhandle me must have really angered her.

I had money to spend, so I ordered Asun for both of us. We went from talking about tutorial centers, to music, to relationships. She told me she had a boyfriend back in school, and I lied to her that I had a girlfriend. I knew that wasn’t going to stop me eventually fucking her, because I could already tell that she was still attracted to me or at least to the idea she had created in her mind of who I was. It was only a matter of time, but I knew she was going to end up in my bed.

After about an hour of chit chat, I suggested we leave the bar. She was more comfortable with me now and talked freely. I guess the bottle of Heineken had loosened her up.

When we got on the road that led to both our houses, I asked if she won’t mind knowing my place, and she said no problem. At that moment, my dick started slowly rising. Damn! I was going to get a full erection any moment from now. I thought to myself.

I couldn’t believe I was doing soapy a few hours ago, now I was on my way home with a girl. She was walking to the lion’s den, and I am sure she knew that too. “I know one girl that lives on this street.” She said, distracting my train of thought.
“Ehen! You have a friend that lives on my street? That’s interesting.” I said.
“She is not actually my friend, I just know her.”
“Hmm. Okay.” I said, and my mind wondered off again. I was trying to remember the state I left my room in. If I knew I was going to come back with a girl, I would have cleaned up my room a bit.

When we got to my house, I opened the gate for her to walk in and as I was locking the gate, I felt her move closer to me. When I turned around, I saw it was those damn turkeys again, running towards us. We both laughed as I shooed them off and led her to my apartment.
Good thing there was power; I turned on the fan, and we both sat on the bed. The place was quiet for a while before I went over to my reading table, turned on my laptop, and played a playlist of slow music. When I sat back on the bed, I didn’t attempt to start any conversation as she went through her phone. It was a tactic I used back in school. Starting a conversation might make it awkward to make a move when you eventually want to. It was always easier for me to make a move when we were both quiet. What is understood doesn’t need to be said, and I knew she understood what was about to happen.

We were seating side by side on the mattress, with our legs stretched out on the rug. She was holding her phone with her left hand, and her right hand was on her lap. I placed my hand on top of hers, and then intertwined my fingers in hers. She kept doing what she was doing on her phone. That was a sign she was game, and I could make my next move. I waited a few seconds, and then untangled our hands. Slowly, I pushed her on the bed, and started kissing her. Her phone dropped from her hand, and she started kissing me back.

My right hand was holding her face in place as we kissed, and my left hand went underneath her blouse to find her boobs. Her bra was quite tight, but once I gained access and gave her boobs a good squeeze, she let out a moan that turned me on. And then all of a sudden, she gently pushed me off.

She sat up right, and my dick immediately started losing erection as I watched her sit silently with her head bowed. I was waiting for her to tell me a story of how she can’t cheat on her boyfriend, but was surprised when she looked up with a smile on her face and said, “I’m sorry. I want this too. But can we do it tomorrow?” I didn’t know what to say, so I acted like I was pissed off and looked the other way. “I’m really sorry; I promise I will come over tomorrow. I promise.” She said but I didn’t say anything.

There was silence for a while before she said in a low voice, “I can give you a Mouth Action.” My dick started rising again, but I still didn’t say anything. Then she moved closer to me, and slowly started unbuckling my belt. When she unbuttoned my jeans and dipped her hand beneath my boxers, she opened her mouth in shock as she grabbed my dick. I turned to look at her and her and a smile appeared on her face. She pulled out my dick and started giving me a hand job as she watched my dick grow to its full size. Then she stopped for a second, packed her hair properly to the back, before going down on me.

The feeling of her soft and wet lips on my dick sent crazy sensations down my spine. I laid on the bed and let her do her thing.

She would go up and down the entire length of my dick with her wet lips for some time, and then she would focus on my dick head, licking it with her wet tongue. It felt so good. Even when she stopped for a while to give me a fast hand job before resuming back to sucking me again, it felt great.

After sucking my dick for about ten minutes, she stopped, lay down beside me. She put her hand underneath my top and started running her hand through my hairy chest. “I have to go now. My mom would be wondering why I am.” She said.
“I’ll come tomorrow morning. I promise.”
“Okay.” I said and sat up, looking at my dick still nodding like a lizard. She sat up too, looked at my dick for a second, before grabbing it again and giving me a hand job as she spoke in a sexy low tone. “It’s so big.” She went down on me again; sucked me for a couple of seconds and then stopped. “I have to go.” She said as she looked around for her phone.

I tucked my dick bank into my boxer shorts, wore my jeans properly, and got up. “Can I use your bathroom?” She said. I nodded and pointed at the bathroom. She went in and was in there for about two minutes before coming out.

It was almost dark when we stepped out, and the turkeys were nowhere in sight. We walked silently to the gate, and when she stepped out, she said, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to see me off.”
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Yes. I can find my way home.”
“Okay. Take care.”
“Bye.” She said and was heading off when she turned back to face me and say, “I’ll come around 10 am tomorrow. Hope you will be around?”
I said yes, and she waved at me with a smile on her face before walking off.

Chapter 6

I was at Shoprite’s car park at night, fucking a girl by a black Toyota Corolla. That was the only car in the big parking lot, and the place was deserted and cold. The girl was half standing, half laying down. Her naked upper body was flat on the bonnet of the Corolla, with her face to one side. I could see the expressions of passion on her face as I bleeped her from behind. With my hands holding her hips for support, I banged her nonstop. Ah! Ooh! She made loud sexual noises that could be heard by people in buildings nearby, but I didn’t care to cover her mouth as the sound she was making made me Bleep her even harder.

After a while of fucking her in that position, I pulled her up by the shoulders, so that she was now standing, with her back to my chest as I kept pounding her in the standing position. I slipped my hands underneath her armpits to get to her breasts, and I held on to both of them. Squeezing the big melons made her moan even louder.

When I was about to cum, I pulled out my dick from her pussy, and she turned around and went down on her knees to have my long dick in her mouth. She made low sounds of pleasure as she sucked my dick, waiting for my hot load of pap to bust into her mouth. Just as I was about to cum, a phone started ringing. She didn’t stop sucking my dick, but I started losing consciousness; or more like I started gaining consciousness. And then I woke up. It was all a dream; a wet dream.

The phone had stopped ringing when I opened my eyes and the first thing I did was check my boxer shorts to see if I had cum. I checked all round, and there were no traces of semen. I was overjoyed at that fact. The last thing I needed right now was to have a wet dream and lose the urge for sex when I was expecting Aisha over this morning.

The phone started ringing again, and when I picked up, I saw it was Aisha. I checked my watch, and saw it was 8:47am. Shit. I had had watched porn on Xvideos till a little past midnight last night and had overslept. “Hey! Hello.” I said when I picked up.
“Are you just waking up?” She asked.
I cleared my throat before answering with, “Yeah.”
“Okay. Sorry for waking you.”
“No problem.”
“I was calling to tell you I will be a bit late.”
“Hmm. Okay.”
“Yes, sorry. I have to do something for my dad. But I will be there by around 11:30.”
“I will call you before I start coming sha.”
“Okay. 11:30 is fine by me.”
“Okay. I have to go now. Bye.”
“Bye.” I said and the line went dead. I sat up in bed with my back on the wall. I was kind of glad she was coming a bit later. That would give me time to clean up my room before she gets here. I also had to get condoms and some other things that would make the sex session go smoothly.

I went straight to shower to wake myself up properly as I was still feeling sleepy. After the shower, I dressed up and stepped out of my apartment. “Good morning.” I heard someone say, and when I turned to my right, I saw Bisi by her balcony. She had on a sky blue night gown, and I could clearly see the outline of her huge melons.
“How are you?”
“Fine.” She answered me with a smile. I nodded at her and headed for the gate. It was clear she was bored and needed some company. I knew it won’t take much work to get her over to my apartment as she was home alone, but before that, I had to complete my first mission. I had to Bleep Aisha first.

I stepped out the gate and headed to the pharmacy down my street.

Chapter 7

After buying two packs of Kiss Condom at the pharmacy, I headed out to the buy liquor at a supermarket in my area. Alcohol generally makes people loosen up, but it was too early for beer, so I got a bottle of Baileys Delight for 1,500. I also bought a big loaf of bread, and about half a dozen small packs of sponge cake. The bread was for my breakfast, and the cake was for refreshments during the sex session.
On my way back home, I stopped by the Pharmacy again and bought another pack of condom. I had to get it just in case things turned kinkier than I imagined. The lady at the shop had a smile on her face while selling the pack but didn’t make eye contact with me. I always wondered why most Nigerians get excited when it comes to matters of sex, even the ones that were meant to be professional about the matter.

When I got back home, I had a quick meal of bread and egg, and then got to cleaning up my room. There wasn’t much to clean up anyway, as I had very little things in the room. My big mattress on the rug, a wooden table and a chair that had my laptop and some books on it, and two duffle bags; one by my mattress, and the other by the wall close to the door. My kitchen was always clean as I did very little cooking. My toilet was two in one; a toilet and a bathroom. For the toilet, I just poured Harpic in the bowl, and put a new pack of Drummer Boy air freshener by the window. I mopped the toilet floor, and flushed the toilet afterwards. Thanks to the fast working Harpic, my toilet bowl was as white as snow.

When I was done with all that, changed into khaki shorts and a tank top, turned on my laptop, and played a playlist with some Hip Hop music in it. This was to help my anxiety, as I was so anxious waiting for Aisha to come over, I wouldn’t be able to relax, and I didn’t want to have to start calling her multiple times. While the music boomed out the small but mighty Bluetooth speaker I had by the laptop on the table, I poured myself a little glass of Baileys, mixed with the Magic Moment Vodka I had left at home and sat on my bed for the wait.
Just after I took my first sip, I heard a knock at my door. Who could it be? I thought to myself.


I opened the door and was surprised to see Aisha there. I wondered how she got into my compound. “How are you.” I said as I stepped aside to let her in. She had on a short black spaghetti strap gown, and I watched her big ass jingle as she walked passed me. “How did you get in?” I asked her, and she replied with “Magic,” before turning around to face me, and playfully doing a backward free fall on my mattress.

Her breasts weren’t big, but they were perky and firm, and looked quiet inviting from where I stood. I sat on the bed, and then lay beside her as my hand grabbed one of her boobs. She moaned and gently pushed my hand away. I guessed that was her weak spot. “Wait, let me relax first.” She said with a giggle. Then she lay sideways facing me, resting on one hand as she said, “You know the girl I said I know on your street, she is the one that let me in. I saw her by the gate.”
“You mean, Bisi?”
“Yes. Bisi. Do you guys talk?” She asked me.
“Well, not really. I actually just got to know her yesterday.”
“Okay. We did a job together last year.”
“A job?”
“Yea, it’s a promo job I do sometimes.”
“The girl I work with was sick one weekend, and she brought Bisi in to cover for her.”
“Yeah, and we spent Friday night together in my hotel room because we closed late and she couldn’t go home.” She looked lost for a few seconds and then focused on me before saying, “Can you go and tell her to come over?”
“What? Why?”
I thought about the whole thing, and it reminded me of days in school when girls would come to visit you with their friends so that you won’t be able to Bleep them. But then again, there was something strange about the way she spoke about Bisi; almost like she was attracted to the girl. So, I started having thoughts of a ménage trios. “And what makes you think she will come over?” I asked.
“Trust me. She will come. Just ask her.”
“Okay.” I said and sighed. The worst that could happen was that I wouldn’t Bleep Aisha today, but I could always Bleep her another day. And the best thing that could happen was fucking the two of them. Although I didn’t totally see that happening, I was willing to give it a shot. I got off the bed and stepped out of the apartment.

Bisi was sitting by her balcony. She was barely visible, but I could see her head. I waved at her and she stood up to wave back. She had on a white tank top, and from where I stood, I could see she had no bra underneath it. “Can I see you briefly?” I said.

She looked into space for a few seconds before saying, “Okay” and leaving the balcony. A few seconds later, the front door of their house swung open and she walked out in bum shorts and a tank top. I could see her boobs sway here and there underneath the top as she walked towards me, and some part of the boobs was visible through the sides of the top. That was how big her boobs were. Because of my height, I could almost see her whole boobs from top-view when she walked up to me.
“Umm…my friend, Aisha, you know her, right?” I said.
“Yes, I know her.” She answered with a smile.
“I would love if you could hang out with us if you are less busy.”
“You mean go out?”
“No, just chill in my apartment, and play cards or whatever.” When she didn’t respond immediately, I added, “It would be fun to get to know you.”
“Okay.” She said and smiled up at me. “Give me like ten minutes.” She said and walked back into her house. As I turned around and walked back to my apartment, I started getting an erection.

I met Aisha by the door when I walked back in. She had been watching us and she had a mischievous smile on her face when I walked in. I grabbed her ass with both hands, and leaned in to kiss her neck. She let out a soft moan and leaned her head backwards. I gently laid her on the bed, and we started kissing. My hand went underneath the top part of her spaghetti strap gown, and I was able to gain easier access to her boobs this time, because I was coming in from the top. I pulled out the left boob, and wasted no time in having it in my mouth. I sucked on it as I squeezed the second one. She left out muffled moans, and I was surprised at how fast she got aroused.

Her hand went down to my shorts, and she grabbed my dick and started tugging at it. Just then, we heard footsteps. Bisi was coming sooner than she had said. I pulled back from Aisha, and she quickly popped her boobs back in place as she sat up in bed. My dick was fully erect underneath my shorts, so I pulled it upwards, so that the elastic part of my shorts held it in place.

When Bisi finally knocked, I opened the door and welcomed her in. She was still in the tank top she had on earlier, but I noticed she had a pink boob tube underneath it now. The way she and Aisha smiled at each other when she walked in, I knew I was in for a treat.

Chapter 8

Bisi went straight to sit beside Aisha when she walked into the room, and they did a little catching up while I sipped on my mixture of Baileys and Magic Moment. I left them alone for a while, not even trying to get into their conversation. I needed to make Bisi feel as comfortable as possible for the plan I had in mind to work.

I cleared my throat a few times to get their attention before saying, “let’s play a card game.” They looked at each other and then focused on the deck of cards in my hand, with a look of uncertainty on both their faces. So I went on to say, “Each time you lose, you take off a piece of clothing.” They both laughed and shook their heads. “Okay then.” I said and walked over to grab the bottle of Magic Moment Vodka from underneath my table. “Every time someone loses, he takes a shot of this.” I said, and put the bottle in the air. I could see in Bisi’s eyes that she didn’t like either of the options, but then she looked at Aisha for guidance.

After communicating in some nonverbal way with their eyes, they both echoed, “Okay.”
“Great! Now, let’s start.” I said. I put the drink on the floor, and sat on the mattress, opposite from them. I removed the cards from the pack, shuffled it a few times, and shared the cards to each individual. And then the WHOT card game began.

I had spent the most part of my NYSC year playing card games when I didn’t have a class to teach in the village I was sent to in the east, so I was an expert. They kept loosing, and I kept winning. After Aisha and Bisi had taken two shots individually, they started talking a lot more than usual. “I think I will prefer that other option instead.” Bisi said. Aisha laughed and said, “Me too.”
“Okay then. Let’s switch to that then.” I said and took their cards from them. “Let’s start this game over.”
“Better.” Bisi said, “I’m sure I was going to lose this round anyway.”
I made sure I lost the first two rounds, just to get them excited. Taking off my khaki shorts and t shirt wasn’t too much of a big deal. I was still left with my boxers. Aisha lost the next round and she had to take off her gown, leaving her with just bra and panties. Bisi then lost the next round, and she took off her tank top. She still had on her jeans short, and the boob tube holding her humongous boobs in place. Her cleavage turned me on, and I started having an erection. I grabbed a pillow and put on my lap, but Aisha playfully grabbed it and made fun of my obvious erection. My dick was pulsating, lifting up my boxer shorts at intervals. I could see Bisi’s eyes fixated on it and it was almost like she wanted to see my dick.

Afterwards, Bisi lost concentration in the game, and lost the next round. She had two options. Take off her shorts, or take off her boob tube. I suspected she had nothing underneath the shorts, or maybe she had on granny panties, because she looked really indecisive. And then she did it; she slowly removed her boob tube, and her big round boobs swayed here and there for a while before they became still.

I acted like it was no big deal and gave each of us new sets of cards. She picked up the cards, and didn’t make eye contact with either one of us. No one spoke; only the sound of rap music coming from my laptop filled the air. I couldn’t take my eyes off her jugs. Big boobs always sag, but hers still had some firmness. It was like big watermelons hanging on her chest. Her nipples were pointy, which meant she was in the mood. “Whose turn is it?” Aisha said, breaking the silence, and we all laughed. When the laughter seized, Aisha dropped her cards and looked at me for a while before turning around to face Bisi. And then slowly, she leaned in and kissed her. Bisi gently let her back rest on the bed, and the smooching began.

My suspicions were right. They had probably made out the night they slept together in a hotel room. I watched them kiss passionately as they both took off the rest of their clothing. It was clear Aisha was the dyke. She was on top, kissing Bisi passionately, and rubbing her hands all over Bisi’s body; watching her squeeze those big melons had my dick rock hard. I guessed they were both bisexual and not just lesbians, because it was obvious Aisha wanted to Bleep me, and I had caught Bisi staring at the bulge in my shorts earlier.

I got off the bed and nearly knocked down the bottle of Magic Moment. I picked up the bottle, poured myself a shot, and took it down before heading to the table. I had to turn the music up a few notches to mask the moans. When I got back on the bed, I watched them with their eyes closed, passionately romancing each other, and thought of the best way to get in on the action. It was like trying to calculate the right moment to jump into a double-dutch jump rope exercise.

After sitting there with my dick in my hand for more than five minutes, watching Aisha kiss and finger Bisi, I decided to act. I went over to the end of the mattress, where I could see Aisha’s big bare ass in display. I caressed her ass for while before hitting it a few times. It bounced and shook like jelly. All the while, both of them kept the romance going. I then proceeded to locate Aisha’s clitoris, and started gently rubbing it with two of my fingers. Her movement slowly started reducing until she just lay there moaning, supported by Bisi’s big boobs.

Earlier on, I had placed the three packs of condom underneath the mattress, in three different spots. With my left hand still pleasuring Aisha, my right went under the mattress to look for the condom. It didn’t take long before I found one, and pulled it out. Pulled the roll of three condoms out of the pack, and managed to detach one from the roll. And then I used my teeth to cut the wrap, and pulled the condom free. It wasn’t hard slipping the condom on because my dick was rock hard.

Once I successfully had the condom on, I pulled Aisha off Bisi, and onto me. I made her stand, and squeezed her breasts a few times, before positioning her by the wall for penetration. She had her hands on the wall, and her back bent. She gasped when my dick went in, and for the first few seconds, I bleeped her slowly, before picking up pace. She was moaning out loud now and repeatedly saying YES as I rammed her. The hitting of my groin on her big ass made a constant sound; PAP! PAP! PAP!

Bisi was pleasing herself on the bed; eyes closed as she fingered herself and squeezed her boobs. It was clear to me from the way she did it that this was something she did on a regular. I shifted my focus back on Aisha, and slapped her ass a few times as I bleeped her in the standing position. She kept saying YES repeatedly in a sexy voice. Sometimes, she would say YES DADDY, and turn me on the more.
After fucking her nonstop for about five minutes, I started sweating. I wanted to switch styles, but I didn’t want to get on the bed, and the table was too far away, it would spoil the tempo. So, I just kept ramming her from behind. I slowed down when I approached the point of no return, but it was too late. I stopped pounding all together, but cum splurged out of my dick. It was like ejaculating without reaching orgasm. I had experienced it a few times in the past, and knew it doesn’t cause the dick to go entirely flaccid.

I pulled out of her and she collapsed on the bed. I went off to take a quick shower, and stepped out drying myself with my dick dangling here and there. I always loved when my dick was in a semi flaccid mode as it showed just how long it was, without it even being fully erect and pointy. It made me feel powerful.

Aisha got off the bed, grabbed the white towel that was on my duffle bag and asked if she could use it. I said yes, and she went off to the bathroom. I lay on the bed beside Bisi. I was surprised she was still laying there naked. I thought she would have put on her clothes before I got out. She was lying on her side, facing me, but her eyes were closed. I wasted no time in making a move. When I twirled her nipples with my fingers she opened her eyes with a smile. I moved in closer and put one of her huge melons in my mouth. She let out a low moan as I sucked on it. She started rubbing my head with her hands the more I sucked on her boobs, and before long, she had one hand going south, looking for my dick.

My dick was back up, fully erect, and she started yanking at it, and giving me a hand job. “Suck me.” I whispered into her right ear, and she wasted no time in going down on me. I lay on my back as I watched her head go up and down with my dick in her mouth. She spat on my dick and gave me a sloppy like a porn star. I would have never thought she was capable of such. After sucking me for about three minutes, she stopped, came up beside me and said, “Bleep me.”

I got off the bed, located the roll of condom I had unpacked earlier, tore one, wore it, and mounted her missionary style. She let out a loud moan when I went in, and I was about to pull out, but she held me in place and asked me to be gentle. I started fucking her slow motion missionary style. Every girl sounds different, and Bisi’s soundtrack was one of the most seductive I have heard in a while. I was almost falling in love with her from just how she was making me feel. Her soft breasts felt so good on my chest, and I would reach out to squeeze them every now and then as I gently bleeped her.

We switched position to her on top of me, riding me, and I got to watch her big boobs bounce up and down. It was a great feeling. I just lay back and enjoyed the ride. When Aisha walked out of the bathroom, she had a smile on her face as she watched us Bleep. It was almost like she didn’t believe Bisi had it in her Bleep the way she was fucking. Bisi opened her eyes, and collapsed on my body laughing when she saw Aisha staring at us. She just lay there on top of me for a few seconds, till I turned her around and was on top of her again.

I didn’t know what next to do, and then I remembered a party porn video I had watched recently. I loved one of the positions I had seen in the short clip, and I thought we could try it. I went off to the end of the mattress and pulled Bisi to the edge with me. And then I had her kneeling on the floor, with her upper body lying on the mattress. I waved Aisha over; she dropped the towel, and got on the mattress. And then I whispered something in Bisi’s ear that made her smile. She proceeded to gently pull Aisha towards her by the legs, making sure they were wide open. In no time, Aisha understood what we were trying to do, and positioned her pussy in Bisi’s face. Bisi started giving Aisha head, while I bleeped Bisi doggy style. There was a whole lot of moaning going on in the room.

Aisha reached orgasm in no time; whole body shaking like she was having a seizure. Bisi stopped sucking her, and Aisha moved over to the end of the mattress by the wall, while I kept fucking Aisha doggy style.

My knees were hurting and I was sure I already had bruises from the position I was in, so I pulled out my dick and stood up. I made Bisi get up too. At first I wanted to Bleep her in the ‘touch the wall’ position, but when my eye caught sight of my table, another idea popped in my head. I held her hand and led her to the table. I picked up m laptop, placed it under the table, and cleared every other thing that was on the table in one swoop; Roll-on, jotters, pens, charges all dropped to the floor making noise that made Aisha open her eyes where she lay on the bed. She had a smile on her face as she shook her head and watched me lift Bisi on the table. With Bisi’s back on the table, I put her legs on my shoulders, and then gently inserted my dick in her.

As I bleeped her in this position, she held onto to the edges of the table, eyes closed, letting out that sweet soundtrack I had grown to love. I would slow down a bit to rub her clit with my thumb for a few seconds, before upping my tempo again, and pounding her nonstop. When I felt her reaching orgasm, I pulled out, and like a busted pipe, she squirted. Like a kid firing a water gun, the squirts kept coming non-stop. When she was done, I helped her off the table, and she went to the bathroom.

I removed the condom from my dick with tissue paper, threw it in the bin, and lay on the bed next to Aisha. I was exhausted. Aisha was also tired, and I was sure Bisi would be tired with all the squirting she had done. When she finally came out of the bathroom, she came to lie on the bed with. The playlist had ended about ten minutes ago, and the whole room was silent.

Aisha turned to the side to place her hand on my chest, probably to claim dominance. “Your dick is still hard,” She whispered in my ear as she played with my chest hair. “You want to cum?” She asked and I nodded. Her hand went down to my dick, and she started giving me a hand job, while still rubbing my chest. It was a new type of feeling, and I felt greatly aroused by what she was doing.
A few minutes later, my body tensed up when I was about to cum, and she quickly went down on me, sucking my dick for the last few seconds before I bust my load in her mouth. She took it all in, and even sucked every last drip of cum out of my dick.
When Aisha went to the bathroom to spit out my load, I turned to the side to look at Bisi, and it seemed like she had already dozed off. When Aisha came back, she lay by my side, and in a few minutes we had all dozed off.


That experience was one hell of a sexcapade. I bleeped Bisi once more, before she went back to school. And Aisha became my regular Bleep. Even though I longed for another party, sex with Aisha was always great. With time, we developed real feelings for each other and started dating.

Bisi’s name was rarely brought up in our conversations but we both knew that, whenever she came around, she would be the third wheel in our relationship, no question.

The End