This phenomenon, is indeed a surprise to a lot of people.

First and foremost, a 'good girl' is any female who isn't well-versed in the antics of men, because she has not been exposed to dating or boy/girl kind of relationship.

A bad boy, is any guy who has a repute as a lady's man and doesn't fail to string women along, owing to how easily they 'fall' for him.

Why on earth would a good, 'self-preserving' girl, think of falling for a 'bad boy' of repute?

What do these 'bad boys' know, that normal guys don't have knowledge of?

I've got an answer to this question and I hope these answers satisfy your inquisitiveness.

Here are reasons good girls fall for 'bad boys':

1. These 'bad boys' have experience:

These so-called 'bad boys', are no newbies to the world of dating, and as such have garnered experience from playing women.

Hence, when they put to use all the tricks they've learnt from over the years, on one good girl, she's almost bound to fall head-over-heels in love with the guy.

2. Bad Boys Are Usually Very Sleek And Suave:

Unlike good or simple guys, these 'bad boys' are 'smooth operators'. They've always got the right words, the right kind of perfume and they and their mien is second to none.

3. These guys are perfect liars:

Trust me, a good girl may find it difficult to differentiate a lie from the truth. Hence, when this 'bad boy' throws some of his lie 'bombs' at her, she easily believes him. When he creates a picture of perfection around himself, she falls for the deceit.

4. Bad boys, know how to treat a woman right:

There's not one bad boy who doesn't know how to exploit a woman's 'weak point'. These guys know that pampering and showering of extra care and attention to any lady, will eventually make fall for him -he does just that, till he wins his 'price'.

5. Bad boys, have understood the art of consistency:

A novice in the world of dating, would back down once a lady starts playing 'hard-to-get', but these guys would never make such a mistake. They truly have mastered the art of consistency. They understand that with just a little more pressure and care, she would cave in.

6. Bad boys are braggadocios:

You may disagree with me on this point, but there's something really alluring about a braggart. It could get annoying sometimes, but he understands that girls will always fall for the loud mouthed intentional guy.

7. Bad boys are usually full of confidence:

This is one trait all of them have in common. They are so sure of themselves that you would sometimes wonder whether they swallow 'confidence pills' or something.

When they step into a room, they want to be the life of the party, the noise maker and off course, the paparazzi's delight.

8. Bad boys, can make a girl feel really special:

A bad boy is usually very popular and as such, any girl that hangs around with him will also gain popularity and 'acceptance'. This 'bad boy', intentionally shows her off to everyone he knows, and this gives a false sense of 'security' in the so-called relationship.

9. Bad boys are 'flexible':

These boys can go to any limit, just to get the girl they desire. If getting this girl entails acting like a 'bookworm' or religious buff, just to get her, he would happily do it.

10. Bad boys, pay a lot of attention to their looks, smell and rides:

These guys, can not be caught dead dressing anyhow. They're always dressed to the nines, their perfumes are always masculine and their cars look like they're always from the carwash. All these are good male qualities, but these 'bad boys' have an aim of always looking their best. The good girls fall helplessly for them and then after, these boys move on to the next 'catch', to wreck more havoc.

Ladies run!