I am going to show you how to browse unlimited on Airtel network. This plan works for all countries. 

While this unlimited browsing trick on Airtel is still fresh, there’s every possibility that it can be blocked anytime, so, use it while it last.

The latest trick which I just discovered today (few minutes ago) is a social bundle from Airtel which can be used alongside other apps with the help of a VPN. However, the plan is not completely free, but cheap plan which you can accumulate the data and browse unlimited as you like.

This plan is legit and was introduced by Airtel network. You use N100 to get 500MB, which can be accumulated up to 100GB or even more, depending on the amount you can afford.

What to do to get the Airtel Unlimited Data Plan, step by step:

1. Get an Airtel SIM and make sure it is registered and activated (that is, if you don’t have one).

2. Recharge at least N100 and purchase the latest Airtel Social Bundle of 500MB by dialing this code *141*104#

3. Download and install either 24Clan lite Or EC tunnel VPN from Google play store (iOS users may not be able to see it in the Apple App store).

4. Recharge additional N500 or N1000 or more or it equivalent in your country currency and repeat step (2) to accumulate the data.


NEXT: How to get the plan working with the VPN app(s) stated above in step (3).

JUST IN: Free Airtel unlimited browsing trick has been unveiled (use it while it last) 1

Setup the VPN as follows:

i. Open the VPN you downloaded (either 24Clan lite VPN or EC tunnel VPN)

ii. Switch to the tweak setting on the menu option from any of the VPN.

iii. Go for the Airtel Social button (select that of your country) server from any of the VPN.

iv. Select any available server still from any of the VPN.

v. Now, go back and connect by clicking on the Green button for 24Clan VPN and the Big circle button on the EC tunnel VPN.

vi. Wait for some seconds, it will connect, after connecting successfully, start browsing with your plan, download and stream, but remember it 500MB data caps.


JUST IN: Free Airtel unlimited browsing trick has been unveiled (use it while it last) 2

As earlier mentioned in step (4) above, you can recharge, for example; 500, 1000 or 2000 or more and accumulate your data by dialing *141*104# to purchase your data. For instance, N500 will you get 2.5GB,  N1000 gives 5GB and N2000 gives 10GB and so on.

NOTE: The plan last for 30 days and the VPN is for Android users only. It is strictly available for Airtel users and subscribers only. You can browse any site and share share hot-spot with others or your PC and blaze.