Five food that can actually boost your brain

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Five healthy food that will enhance your intelligence.

Intelligence,which can also be called Brain power,Comprehension,Brilliance,Intuition or Talents is a mental quality of a man,that consists of the ability to learn from experience,adapt to new situations,understand and handle abstract concepts and use knowledge to manipulate one's environment.

A lot of people belief that reading extensively and intensively will certainly enhance their intelligency.

Even though,this fact cannot be debunk,it is rather hectic to read 24/7.

It has been discovered,to our amazement that eating good and healthy food can actually help boost our intelligence without going through the stress of reading always.

Below are selected healthy food that can enhance our intelligence:

1.Oily Fish like Salmon,Mackerel,Sardines,etc contain tissues that can help boost the brain.

2.Dark Leafy Green,such as Spinach,Kale,Broccoli are good sources of many Vitamins that can help the brain.

3.Chocolate,especially Dark Chocolate can actually improve our cognitive function.

4.Eggs contain decent amount of Vitamin D,E,K,B6,Calcium and Zinc which are good for our intelligence.

5.Honey is the most effective of all aforemention food.It can enhance our brain's cognitive function,particularly,the working memory.

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