Five Benefits Of Marrying A Virgin

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Virginity which simply means a state of never having a sexual intercourse.

The greatest gift you can ever receive from your wife on earth is her virginity. As a man, the less experience she has, the less competition to satisfy her. Below are some benefits of marrying a virgin.

1. You stands out.

Being able to stand out from the crowd means you're different, and being different is better!. Not this reason alone, it also means you're a disciplined person with an high amount of self control.

Every man would give anything to marry a disciplined person who is able to control her libido. Any dude that tells you contrary ain't honest. Every guy would love to be the first.

2. A virgin can never get a sexually transmitted diseases:

One benefit of marrying a virgin is that she can never contract sexually transmitted diseases. STD'S such HPV, Chlaymidia, HIV/AIDS and etc which is only be transferred through sexual intercourse. Getting married to a virgin will wipe every risk of whether your partner has any disease or not.

3. A virgin has never had an abortion:

Another benefit of marrying a virgin is that, as a man, you won't need to worry about her womb been faulty. Since she has never had an abortion there won't be issues of womb malfunctioning. Womb malfunction are mainly caused by abortions and the use of contraceptives.

4. She can't compare you with others:

The only experience she has ever had is the she is having with her husband, and hence she will not compare with any other one since you are her only experience. Unlike the other Girls that will be comparing you with their millions of past partners who were arguably using aphrodisiacs for lasting long when having an affair.

5. Being a good role model to your children:

As a lady, when you live a chaste life until marriage it will serve as a routine for your children as well. You can confidently affirm your children that you kept your virginity until marriage.

Advice to all ladies; Remaining virgin is the precious thing you could ever achieve on earth as a lady.

Please stay at home and observe all health protocols and let's help to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

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