Hey guys I am here again and I hope you guys are doing great. Like I have always done with my previous articles I am going to be showing you photos of a model today. And this is not just any model. This is one of Mzansi's finest model.

Her name is Penelope Shongwe and before I go down to showing you the best of her photos I just want to remind you again that this is like my area of focus.. I assure that you will be impressed after you are done with penelope's photos and if you want to see photos of more models that are curvy like Penelope just go through my page ok?

So who doesn't like a thick African woman? A thick african woman is the definition of true beauty, it may be different for you but I assure you after you see Penelope you would reconsider your current position. Lol so without further ado....

I have here a compilation of her photos that will prove to you she is just as beautiful as a goddess 

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