7 Ways To Make Your Man Succeed In Life

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7 Ways To Make Your Man Succeed In Life

1) Always Try To PRAY WITH/FOR HIM

One of the things every real wife does for her husband is to pray for and with him,always Pray for him to win everyday and Everytime, always Pray for him to Succeed in the office,always Pray for him not to fall into Temptation, always Pray for his safety,always Pray for his Ministry,always Pray for his Health,God like and always honors the Prayer of a Wife over her Husband. 

Don't allow him pray alone please you need to do the work together by praying for him everyday every night,Don't allow him carry the fire alone.

Hello, Dear Wiffy

Is not only to get pregnant and give birth to children alone,you can see vision for your husband,you can give him prophecies,don't allow Dstv or gotv kidnap you,let him see in you a spiritual companion and good wife in you. 

And see how that improves your home and his spiritual life and am very sure you're going to see God is listening to prayer.

2) Try to bless him with what ever you have

Proverbs 18:21 "Death and life and prosperity are in the power of the tongue: and that love it shall eat the fruit there of."

This is almost a similar as praying for him, but still different, Instead of laying curses on him,Instead of abusing him, just try to stop abusing him every time,help blessings upon his head daily,draw him close to your bosom and bless him as a Parent blesses the Child.

Kiss his forehead and decree over him "because you Married Me, you will not fail, you will not loose all what you're happy for, you wiwe always talk where your mates are talking, our children will be great Men and Women.


When things are rough, a Wife should never be amongst those to crucify, lambaste or talk discouragingly to her Husband, please you need to stop it, this can never help your relationship,even if he messed up. 

Remember what Lord say to all wife, don't try to behave like the the foolish Women",don't be like the foolish Woman,give your Husband words of encouragement daily,even if he's not meeting up, believe me, he's making effort, he knows he's falling short, he feels the pain, he may not talk, please encourage himell him you see his sacrifices daily,tell him you appreciate his efforts towards you and the kids.

4) MOTIVATE HIM With Your Advice

Be his cheer leader,cheer him to success,tell him you believe in him,tell him he can do it, even if you don't believe, never break his will to try,tell him he will make it in life, tell him he will be a great Man,tell him you saw the great potentials, that's why you married him, So he's secured a major achievement, and he seems to be relaxing, Fire him Up once more

Do not allow your husband become complacent

Tell him, "honey you can do even better",be his hunger to do more,let him take one look at you and receive motivation to go out there and conquer the World,let him leave the house feeling like nothing is impossible for him.


A HELP MATE must understand that her duty involves helping her MATE actualize his vision,you are there in his life to help him succeed, to work and walk with him, this is the reason you are with him,just as he is in yours to do same for you,don't become his competition,don't become his contender.

A lot of women today are fighting their husbands, fighting their husbands dreams,when he says let's do THIS, you say let's do THAT, this is not good at all,when he says YES, you say N

O. Always try to listen to your husband,when you keep opposing him because you think he is dumb, or he offended you, or whatever.

Are you his HELP MATE or HELL MATE? 

Don't be used by the devil to bring down your Husband's Vision,some Women have pulled their husbands down from GRACE to GRASS, this is absolutely correct,some Women have destroyed their husbands Ministry, chased his business friends away, even gone to His office to fight and make problem, Some Men have lost their Jobs and helpers because of the Woman they married. 

Don't be that Wife please kways help and listening to your husband,when he brings ideas, when he brings plans, support him, and try to let him know you're with him always.

Even if it will inconvenience you temporarily even if it means you don't get the iPhone you asked for. Support Him. Please you dont need to have all what you need at once.

Many Women agreed to plans that discomforted them, plans they didn't like, made sacrifices to make their Husbands who they are today.


Your Individual Success is also a part of the equation,some Women pull DOWN their Husbands,some push theirs UP, "Besides Every successful Man, is a Woman who contributed Immensely." 

Start Contributing to making your Man Great today, Please this is just advice always try to help your husband and don't forget to comment share and follow me for more update.

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