5 important thing you should never tell your partner

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5 important thing you should never tell your partner


Relationship is not all about trust and sincerity, total trust in partner has ruined many relationship that is while not everything that has or will happen that you will let your partner know, you have to keep those that may cause trouble between both of you, some people lost trust and start suspecting their partner because of the knew about their partner.   

In fact, it is better to keep certain thoughts to yourself for security and beneficial purpose. According to Jonathan Bennett, he said “total honesty isn’t always the best policy”.

To keep your relationship strong and keep working smooth, avoid telling your partner about these thing.

1. Your past with your ex

Let your past be your past, avoid telling him about the qualities your ex have, about the good time you have together, human being s born with jealous and envy, although your past build today, never make the mistake of telling your past with your ex either good or bad in order not to destroy your own relationship with your hand.    

2. Never reveal your feelings about your partner’s family

Let your partner family matter be within yourself, most especially as a ladies avoid telling your partner about what you hate or dislike about your man family. Because no matter how nice you are, you may find someone you both dislike yourself in you man family that matter should between you and the person do not bother to let your man knew.

His family will means everything to him, they were the one around him before he met you, make sure you avoid discussing about your partner family expect they are creating trouble that you cannot control for you, that is when you can let your partner know about, expect that keep your dislike about their family to yourself in order to make peace reign between you and their family.

3. Never let your partner know you doubt their love for you

Letting your partner know that you are doubting the love you are for them is unacceptable in any relationship, this will make them uncomfortable, thinking that you may have another person showing more love to you or all their effort in trying to show their love to you is not enough.

It is importance to check if you partner truly love you, but you can check that in secret by carrying out some investigation underneath or testing him or her without let them know. Asking them may only make the matter worse and may cause total break up between you and your partner. Do not ever make the mistake of letting your partner known you doubt their love for you.   

4. Avoid giving opinions about their friends

Friends, friends not everybody can actually leave their friend for those they love, imagine leave your childhood friend for someone you just met 6 months ago, is seem impossible that is why you should not try to share all opinion about your friend partner especially thing you dislike about them always learn to keep it to yourself almost all the time unless it can cause trouble for you that is the thing you have the right to discuss it with your partner.

But if your partner asks your thoughts on any matter about their friends or family, do not too deep and be saying bad thing about them or avoid to even answer it because it may be a trap be warn.

5. Never bring up things you miss about your old relationship

Many people are making the mistake of comparing their EX with the current partner, you may be missing them but not matter what never tell you partner about them because the heart it filled of jealous, learn how to adapt with your present and let your past to avoid unnecessary problem in your relationship.  

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