Ladies don't like men ruling them instead, they like to be independent in some things. As men, we have to study them, please them and treat them well in order to achieve what we want. Below are the things women enjoy but won't tell you

1. Considerate and Understanding

Ladies really want men to understand they have whenever they are in a moody situations. They like using body language which as a men, you have to consider and understand them when such times comes around.

2. Care and Gift

This is the most important part of what women like but won't tell you. When you take care of a women and shower her with gifts she will keep loving you secretly with out you knowing at all.

3. Open Up Your Mind

Ladies don't love men who hide their feelings from them either economically, emotionally and financially. Women feel a sense of responsibility when you carry them along in whatever is happening. This gives them the confidence that they are not just with you as a decoration.

4. Always Communicating and Respectful

In all relationships, communication is very important and it is a key to sustain a relationship. Women enjoy the fact that there men treat them with respect and give regards to them . When you treat a women well, she will like it but won't tell you.