The sort of man who will never be  invited to the world of secret love making is a drunkard. If you regularly get drunk and trash talk people, male or female, forget about being called to the side and offered secret love making because you my friend is a risky investment, sounds funny right? But it's true.

On the other hand, If you’re sober, nice and humorous, plus or minus the masculine sex appeal, women will consider you a potential Secret Lover; they will drop you hints.

Everytime you hear women say the following just know its a compliment and they see you as a prospective cheat partner. I don't advice you hanging out with someone's wife anyway.

1. “You’re so quiet” or “Why are you so quiet?”

2. “You don’t have many friends do you?”(of which you agree with “I do my things alone”, or “I don’t want people judging me”. If she asks why you’ll be judged, tell her you sometimes do crazy things)

3. “You look like a good guy” (of which you should disagree with “if only you knew”, or something like that)

If you seduce a committed woman, or just any taken woman, she’ll tell you “It’s wrong”. Your job is not to convince her it’s not wrong. Yours is to convince her NO ONE WILL FIND OUT.

To women, to be good = to appear good. Women are creatures of appearance.
How people perceive a woman is how she perceives herself. If she can do the most debased stuff and people still think she’s pure then she’s pure. You capitalize on her nature by always saying “No one has to know”.
It may appear too cheesy, but Always repeat such slogans like “A gentleman never kiss and tells” and "Stolen sweets are best” etc.