(1) A girl truly loves you, when she doesn’t feel the need to snoop through your phone because she thinks your cheating. A girl truly loves you, when you play Fortnite for hours and ignore her but when you call she’s still happy to hear your voice. 

A girl truly loves you when no matter how big the argument is and no matter how much she’s right, she still figures out how to patch things up. 

A girl truly loves you when she shows you every imperfection on her body and doesn’t feel the slightest bit of worry you’ll hate what you’ll see, because she loves you. And when she loves you, you’ll feel it too.

(2) If a girl really loves you, there will be reciprocity in attention. If she loves you,you're not supposed to be the only one calling,she should be able to call you back. Since love is expressed in giving,she should be able to buy you a gift or something to express her love for you-just as you've probably done for her before. 

You'll know if she truly loves you,everything you say is funny and even when it isn't. She's always blushing,telling her friends about you and they acting crazy when you're around you know what I mean. 

She can't look at you straight in the eye, she's always shy etc. She'll reply your text so quickly, she'll want to be around you at all time… Her younger siblings (especially her sisters*) should know about you because they are the ones close to her and eavesdropping on her conversations…

And finally Bro, if she doesn't do all this,forget about her man you're just her side dude..You've been “ friend zoned