10 Reasons Why Most Girls Don't Reply to Your Messages on Facebook, And Even Block You

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Facebook is one of the most trending applications in the internet right now, with billions of users around the world. Since the application was launched in 2004, it has become one of the major sources most people uses to meet and connect with each other. 

Lots of people have actually met with the love of their lives on this great platform all thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.

Shy, and less privileged guys who do not have the guts to approach classy ladies in streets can now do so in the comfort of their own homes. But, even with this great privilege, some guys still gets turned down and even gets blocked by ladies. This has become a great deal of problem for guys.

Some don't even know where they went wrong, or what they did before they were blocked by these ladies. The truth is that, sometimes you did nothing wrong bro. Other times, it could be that your manner of approach was not in line, hence the "no reply" and blocking. It is because of this reason i took it upon myself to write this article. I got you covered guys.

10 Reasons Why Most Girls Don't Reply To Your Messages, And Even Block You On Facebook.

1] Too Many Questions

Many guys are victims of this very one. When you ask a girl too many questions on a first meeting or chat, you will begin to appear creepy to her. It will look like you are on a mission; Stop that! take it one step at a time with bro because you are just another stranger to her. Allow her to be comfortable with you before bombarding her with numerous questions.

2] Asking For Nudes

Calm down bro; because she accepted your friend request and started chatting with you does not mean that she is cheap. If you want cheap girls, you know where to get them. Besides, nudes backfires them these days so they don't go that route often. And apart from that, not all girls are comfortable doing that.....you better stop if you don't want to get blocked.

3] Old Pictures

This one may appear funny but; did you know that immediately you hit a girl up with a message, the first thing she does is slide straight into your pictures? She wants to know how well you are doing. If they see some kind of old pictures that looks like the ones taken in the village with cheap camera phones, don't go there! your "hello" will remain like that till 2025.

4] Too Handsome

Some handsome guys do not know that most girls are actually scared of them. Especially the ones who are looking forward to settle down. Once a guy is too handsome, most ladies usually sees them as flirts and cheats. They are not ready to take any chances with you brof, sorry. You will not get any replies.

5] Too Many Hellos

Some guys are just so annoying in the manner in which they send their messages. You have to slow down bro. Not all ladies you see online are actually there for fun. Some girls earn their living on Facebook and you are just there distracting their peaceful concentration with your numerous "hellos". When you hit a girl once, give her some time to reply. if after some hours she hasn't replied yet, then hit her up again. That's how matured guys do.

6] Too Ugly

Come on now! Because she doesn't like a guy who is too fine doesn't mean that she will have to settle for a monkey na? ahba! No lady is ready to have an ugly child oh, so you know. Some ugly guys don't even make extra efforts to look after themselves. They will just be there like that and be disturbing innocent girls; why won't you get blocked or "no replies" I know that it is not your fault that you are too ugly, but at least try to look neat.

7] No Swag

Some guys don't just know what's up; they cannot even iron their shirts very well. And even at that, they will still have the guts to snap pictures, with the head of their belts out of place and post it on Facebook. Girls love guys who dresses smart bro. Sorry, you won't get any replies.

8] Sending Of Nudes

Not all girls are in for that my guy; as they are not willing to send theirs, same way they do not want to see yours. Try to be mature and be responsible, else you will get blocked.

9] Wrong Spellings

Brotherly! if it is Pidgin English you can write very well, use it. Some girls actually develop headaches trying to read and understand your messages. Not all girls are willing to go through that stress, especially the intellectual ones. Sorry, you will not get any replies; you might even get blocked.

10] Can I Be Your Friend?

SMH; the both of you are already friends bro. Go straight to the point and tell her whats on your mind, and why you added her on your friends list. Asking her again if you can be her friend will send a wrong signal to her that you are not smart enough. Most ladies are very sensitive and they want bold guys around them not push overs. Sorry you won't get any replies.

I hope with this article you can mend your ways and go easy with the dream girl of your choice?......SHALOM. 

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