Most girls are a way too stubborn when it comes to giving out their number when you don't have to force them or ask them for it just try this simple trick and you will get their number without them knowing about it.

The pictures used below is only for illustration.
1: Approach a girl tell her you can get her number using a calculator, if you noticed she will be surprised and want to give a try on it.
2: Tell her to open the calculator on her phone don't use your own phone.
3: Ask her for her area code it is always the first four digit of your phone number eg 0805,0816,0708,0901 etc.. Tell her that's the only question you will be asking her.
4: Tell her to type the first three digit of her phone num apart from the area code stated above.
5: Tell her to multiple it by 80 you don't even have to look at her screen.
6 Tell her to add it with 1 and multiple it again by 250
7: Tell her to add the last four digit of her phone number. It should be added twice.
8: Let her subtract 250 from the total he got in step 7
9: Don't tell her to divide by two just collect her phone and act like you made a mistake at this point she will be laughing at your mistake been made the sharply divide by 2
Now the number will come out like that as shown above 887-3410 for example if her area code is 0806 you can just attach it to this one. 08068873410 now your are good to go.