Why pay the premium price for the latest iPhone 11 when you can win one for free?

I would be sharing with you a step by step guide or tutorial on how you can get an iPhone 11 delivered to your doorstep.

Let me mention that you would be needing a smartphone ( iPhone or Android ) to start the process. Without wasting much time let's dive into the procedures.

Step 1: You need to open your web browser if you are using an Android phone or safari if it's an iPhone and head to this website " iPhoneprogram.com".

Step 2: once the website is open, click on the button that says "SIGN UP NOW" and once you have clicked it, a page pops out that allows you to select the colour you want.

Once you have chosen your desired color, it takes you to a page where you choose the capacity ( usually 64GB or 256GB) and then you are asked for your email address. After your email have been typed click the SUBMIT.

It will takes few seconds to do a background check to see if you have done the method before and also to check if the stock of phone is available. When it is done it would say due to a lot of duplicate entries you have to do a verification.

Step 3: click the "HUMAN VERIFICATION" of which it will take you to a page where you are required to finish two tasks. The task might be to download an app, take a survey etc. The tasks must be completed in a space of 13 minutes.

You need to study the instructions before chosing a task. You might be redirect to play store where you can download, install the app and also open it for at least 30 seconds count. Once it's 30 seconds of opening it you can minimise back to your browser to complete the second task.

When the second task is completed; whatever the instruction given, you then minimise back to the browser.

While In the browser, the webpage will reload and it should say something like this.

"YOUR APPLICATION WAS SUCCESSFUL" and some thank you notes underneath it.

That's it guys you have just gotten yourself a free iPhone 11. An email will be sent to you for location details.

Hope it was helpful? For questions let it be dropped on the comment box