Tiwa Savage is a very popular, award-winning musician. She is very well-respected in the music industry and has definitely paid her dues. But when it comes to ethics and morals, I honestly think she should cover her head in shame.

Making us believe she is dating Wizkid is a disgrace. Especially since it is all a lie meant to make them more popular and talked about. For crying out loud, the dude is almost 10 years younger than her! Is he not supposed to call her Aunty? Not only is it a disgraceful lie, but the idea of it is even more disgraceful. Doesn’t she have younger brothers? How would she feel if a wild woman were to target them and sleep with them? How would she feel if that woman were to make them her toy boy meant to satisfy her desires at will?

Breaking up with her husband and playing the victim is just terrible. We all know she must have had a part to play in the crash of their marriage. No man is perfect. No woman is perfect either. In every relationship, the two people involved either make it or break it. Not one of them can claim innocence. It takes two to tango, they say.

Besides, we all know what happens in the entertainment industry. Adultery and fornication are very common. Faithfulness to one’s marriage mate is rare. People say men are scum and will cheat at the slightest opportunity. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but women cheat too. 

I wonder why she can’t just find a man her age to get busy with. Why must it be with a much younger man? Is it because she finds it easy to dominate a younger man? Wizkid’s size may also be one of the things she considered while making her choice. He is a small man. I think she might even be able to lift him like a mother carries her child.

Obviously, Tiwa has some psychological problems to deal with here. She broke up with her husband. It was a messy breakup that made the headlines for days. She even granted an interview meant to make herself look innocent and paint her husband as an evil person. Of course, when a person does that you know they are trying to hide something. They are trying to be the first to tell the story and control the narrative. That is a major red flag.

Some people will say I should mind my business. They will say that Tiwa’s love life is none of my business. To them I say this: When you become a public figure, everything about you becomes everybody’s business. Where you sleep, what you eat, how you eat, who you date or marry, where you hang out, and so much more. The way you live your life as a celebrity has a powerful impact on millions of people. You cannot afford to take that power for granted. People will try to do what you do, think what you think, and live the way you live. When you begin to appreciate that and live a life worthy of a thought leader, you have started using your power the right way.