You see there are some kind of people that are introvert and not, but some situation can turn you into that.

Ladies are some kind of special creatures made by God to help guys in all aspects of life, Guys are the head and will always make decisions for a family.

When making things romantic, men do make the first move not the woman because they love hiding feelings.

Here are 5 things ladies love but will never tell a guy:

1. That She loves you:

You see many relationship crash because the guy can talk to their girl, when a lady love a guy she hardly say it because they feel that the guy will play with their feelings.

2. That she don't want to share you:

Girls don't like sharing their guy with anyone they can kill themselve for that.

3. To talk to you:

Some ladies are shy and find it hard to talk to their guy till the guy talk first, they feel less important sometimes , guys learn how to talk to your ladies first.

4. They want romance

They really want it from their guy but will never say it.

5. Finally, ladies want your attention

Learn to give your girl more attention.