STOP Killing Cockroaches With Broomstick, This Is Why You should Eat Them Instead

I know a lot of people are infuriated and angry right now and cannot wait to go to the comment section and yab my life. You all are thinking "Why don't you eat the cockroach instead or how do you expect me to eat those smelly cockroaches?."

I know yes, you're right, no Nigerian in their right senses would wake up one morning then carry fry pan and oil and start to fry cockroach in the kitchen.

But we are all here to learn right?, I want to believe a little knowledge wouldn't harm us. I know you probably haven't ever heard of the scenario or situation whereby a man is eating a cockroach but the real truth is that people really eat cockroaches and they enjoy it.

Well scientists have proven that cockroaches are healthy and perfectly edible for consumption and it could even serve as an antibacterial in your body. Research has shown that cockroaches brain contain a very powerful antibiotics which can be used to create and manufacture drugs in the nearest future, who know maybe we are already consuming drugs made from cockroach brain.

In Nigeria, Cockroaches are not considered as a food option or source but in Countries like China and some other Asian countries they don't joke with it.

This is the reason why cockroaches should be eaten;

They are high in protein levels and A 100-gram plate of cockroaches has 24 micrograms of Vitamin B12, almost 10 times the RDA.The vitamin present in cockroaches also ensure the healthy growth of the skin and hair.

This is article is just to enlighten you and clear your doubts on why people eat cockroaches and why you can also eat cockroaches, but if you're interested and you truly eat a cockroach, it's at your own risk.