1. Girls don't enjoy talking dirty talk as much guys do

2. Girls are more talkative in nature than guys

3. When a girl say she is sad and she isn't crying, deep in her heart she is crying

4. Girls are born naturally gossipers

5. Not every girls that love the serious type

6. When a guy say something really sentimental girls will always remember it their whole life

7. Girls don't find anything wrong with the guy they like

8. Girls are not what they pretend to be.

9. When a girl love a guy the love him forever

10. Only a girl best friend know what exactly what is wrong with her when she is sad

11. Girls love talking about what they feel

12. Lot of girls love it when a guy ask them for advise.

13. Girl get to fall in love easily than guy do

14. When a girl is heartbroken or angry they cry to relieve their pain

15. When a girl love someone they loves him forever

16. Girls are born shy