5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies supporting cellular data Network.

Large production and adoption of the network began in 2019, however 5G communication requires mobile phones designed for it's use.

The frequency spectrum of 5G network is splitted into millimeter waves, mid band, low band. The low band uses a frequency as that of 4G while millimeter wave is the fastest with an actual speed of 1-2 Gbit/s. Frequencies are above 24GHz reaching up to 72 GHz above the extremely high frequency bands.

The 5G network might have gotten to Nigeria, however with all it's fastness and possible advantages, it has high dangerous effects and if allowed in Nigeria these are what Nigerians will face. Due to 5G high radiations it could cause the following on people.

1. Suppressed Immunity

Our immunity is what fight against disease, people with sting immunity are believed to be stronger and might escape any disease, just because they have a strong immunity, however 5G radiation are so powerful, that it can suppress an individual Immunity and if that happens, then no one is safe.

2. Slurred speech

I think no one ever wants this, however it is one of the things a person can get from 5G network as a result of the radiation, ones speech might get slurred and might look like everyone can't talk fluently again.

3. Extreme Fatigue

Getting tired always is not something good, this is also an harmful effect of 5G network, you get tired even with just a little work.

4. Muscle Twitching

Have you ever experienced this before, then probably you don't want to experience it, this can be so harmful as your Muscles start to twitch.

5. Long term Cancer

I think this is one of the most deadliest disease on Earth, then come to think of it, if this can be caused by 5G network, then no one is safe. There are different types of cancer, but all are not good and could end someone life.

6. Birth defects

This won't be a good thing at all, to start having defects in birth, have incomplete children or bodily disabled ones, then what future are we building.

7. Miscarriages

Due to radiations from the Network, pregnant women will get more Miscarriages as it will badly affect their system.

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