Tooth paste has always been use for brushing and making the teeth white, some toothpaste also help the Enamel to be strong. 

 According to research made toothpaste can also be use as a home made remedy for skin and treatment of acne son of the chemical in toothpaste can help to dry your skin and make it smooth 

Toothpaste and onion can go a long way on our skin make sure you grind the onion very well then mix it with the paste.

1: Before using toothpaste and Onion to clean your skin oh must check the ingredients, there are some ingredients that mag irritate your skin not all ingredients in toothpaste are good for the skin if your toothpaste contain Sodium or Sodium floride then it not advisable to use such toothpaste on the skin by if it contain Calcium or Zinc then it is advisable to use such toothpaste. 

2: Apply small quantity on your skin and allow it to dry for some minute then wash it off. 

After washing it off, use a warm water an a medicated soap to rinse your face then dry it with a clean towel. They can also be use to cure pimples, ezcema, and black spot on the skin.