1. Find out the best time, period and position that is best for your reading
2. Get your textbook / handout, notebook, jotter / extra book for jottings
3. Get a pen, pencil and erazer
4. Get a dictionary
5. Get a smartphone or PC, that has internet connection.
6. Get a coffee or any energy booster to avoid sleeping
Now we're good to go.

Step 1: after knowing your best time and period for reading, either morning or afternoon or evening or night or midnight. Knowing your best period for reading, either noisy or quiet.

Now, get that occasion or period ready, with all those requirements with you.
Firstly, read your note, from beginning to the end firstly. If the pages is less than 50,don't spend less than one hour.

Step 2: While reading, any spelling error you notice in your note, check the textbook, if you can't find it, use your smartphone or PC to search it on the internet.
Google is the best idea. When you get the right spelling, change it with your pen.

Step 3: Any word that you don't understand its meaning, check dictionary, if you don't see it in the dictionary, check it in the textbook, if it is not there search it on the internet, if you still don't see it, now underline it with your pencil. Jot it in the jotter or extra note.

Step 4: If there's a word that you don't understand and you see its meaning in the dictionary, jot the word and its meaning in your jotter or extra note.

 Now go back to reading, relate the meaning and you should understand better.

Step 5: Read everything word for word, for better understanding and assimilation.
Make sure you are able to translate the everything you read to your language.

Read it and understand it, explain everything to yourself like you are a teacher, keep your note aside and explain to yourself.

Step 6: Jot all keywords that are essential. Make sure you can translate a whole page with your own English before leaving the page.

Step 7: Drink your energy booster from time to time, I mean periodically.

With all the above listed steps, if you still don't understand all you've read, then you need deliverance.