For some weeks now a pandemic has ravaged the entire world known as corona virus other wise referred to as Covid-19 which as raised up so much fright, fear and anxiety over many people living the world today. It has caused several lockdowns and millions are in quarantine.

As a matter of fact, some has dread going out in order to avoid being infected by the virus. Nevertheless, some preventive measures have being raised by medical practitioners. 

The government and federal ministry of health has been busied with public enlightments
and campaigns to curtail the spread of the virus. Thousands are seen wearing face mask and gloves so as to avoid contacting the virus. Hand sanitizers are now as common as table water.

Now, should in case you are doubt about your status. You have had a handshake with someone you aren’t sure of being save! Here is a quickie, a diy you can practice at the comfort of your home to ascertain your covid-19 status using orange. 

Orange is the fruit of the citrus specie, the scientific name of the sweet orange is citrus sinensis, while the scientific name for the bitter orange is citrus aurantium. 

Orange has numerous health values; it can be used to improve digestion, relieve intestinal gas and bloating and constipation and so on.

Importantly, take a stroll to a mall or supermarket, buy some citrus sinensis, kindly avoid buying citrus auratium. 

When you get home, wash the back and peel it, thereafter suck the juice, yeah continue sucking. In-fact, eat the roughages, thumps up! There you go.
At this junction, thank God you are alive, stay positive, do not fright or fear. 

Most importantly stay safe.