WWE trying to hide things from its fans is like a donut trying to hide from me. 

The Internet has made it nearly impossible for the WWE to hide anything, but any wrestling fan who has typed WWE into Google before knows the WWE would like you to not know some certain things. 

But lucky smarks like us, we know them. Today Humor Nation will be revealing many unknown secrets of WWE and these are the things the WWE hides from you.

1. Wrestling Is Fake
It’s just too easy to throw it number so I’ll leave it back here. But wrestling is fake even Vince McMahon himself has personally come out and told us that wrestling is fake! And that too twice! He probably still would like today’s casual audience to not know about this, but still he has said it before twice. Wrestling isn’t actually fake, it’s just scripted meaning that everything that happens is supposed to happen, matches are predetermined, and overall the whole professional wrestling is much more on the side of sports & entertainment nowadays.

2. Scripted Promos
At least the promos are real…No no no no! Almost every single word you’ve ever heard on WWE television, at least nowadays was either written in a script or is just being told to the commentators as they’re saying it. You can make the argument that this should just be a part of number 10 to which my response is F off.

3. Talent Relationships
This one is a little on the fence. Some relationships are made very public and are welcome John Cena and Nikki Bella, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Rusev and Lana. Wait well actually if you remember that horrible summer of 2015, love angle with Ziggler, Rusev, Summer Rae and Lana which you shouldn’t remember because it was awful. Rusev and Lana is real life relationship being made public actually mess with the storyline and it had to be scrapped. WWE most likely also doesn’t want you to know about other couples like I don’t know Dean Ambrose and Rene young.

4. The Purpose Of Referees
You wicked you silly goose they call the matches, count the pinfall and relay the rules to the wrestlers during matches. Well no actually when you see a referee talking to a wrestler he’s communicating between the two wrestlers for them, telling them what spot or big move is going to happen next. Yes every now and then you will see them counting on the ropes or Mike Chioda saying you can’t do that. But about 80% of them is playing messenger and they have a glass chin.

5. Gimmicks
Gimmick is an inside a wrestling term that basically means whatever a wrestler portrays. Dean Ambrose’s gimmick is that of a crazy unstable madman, Stone Cold’s gimmick was an anti authority rebel who attacked the boss constantly and Stardust gimmick was…well you you get the point. What WWE doesn’t want you to know is that these aren’t the real personality traits of the people, they’re just acting so Dean Ambrose isn’t actually crazy woohoo oh and the names they’re usually not real either sorry Michael McGillicutty.

6. Dropping Ratings
This one is also tricky as the WWE has skillfully tried to turn this one around. You know in between segments when you might see something like last week’s Raw was more viewed than the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Olympics, Kentucky Derby and all combined. Well while the ratings for the were good based on TV standards they don’t want you to realize how much they’ve dropped since the glory days of the Attitude Era. The year 2000 the average viewership was around 6 million people and it would often go much higher than that. Well nowadays they only get between 2 and 3 million probably two and a half million on average. It’s not insane, but compared to the highs of the company WWE does not realizing how many more people used to watch compared to nowadays.

7. The Entire Past
By this I mean any storyline that happened before about two weeks ago. WWE hides its past that pretty much every single turn. Stone cold made to cry from Kurt Angle’s threats of being thrown off a bridge nope he’s a badass again, no crying! Not to mention the gimmick changes when Husky Harris turns into Bray Wyatt or Michael McGillicutty turns into Curtis Axel. 

WWE expect us to completely forgot they ever existed even though they look the exact same I mean unless you’re getting facial re-constructive surgery they’re gonna look the same.