These are the little things in life. There are a few feelings that everyone can communicate on a personal level, and it really takes your day from 4 to 8.5. I sincerely hope that everyone will have the honor of experiencing the following feelings:

1. Put the rusks pastry in the bowl and Jerry's sink. Jackpot.

2. Finally, get the water out of your ear. You can feel satisfied by just reading it.

3. See if your food comes in a restaurant. But you should always be surprised when the server arrives.

4. If your phone is full. Let the pulse of social media begin.

5. Exit the gym. Good practice or not, it's a really good sense of peace from there. But I hope it was good, because #fitness.

6. Watch educational video clips about food. You lie when you say you don't spend hours on delicious social media accounts.

7. Peel off the sticker. Poster residue is the worst.

8. Wake up and realize that you don't have to be awake yet. In your face, the alarm!

9. Open a new bottle of wine. Hard to pour, please.

10. When your song gets in the car. Is there anything better?

11. Pack a gift perfectly without that extra paper on the corners. It's just a very clean look.

12. Wash your hair in the salon. Do men get the same luxury? Please let me know that I'm curious.

13. Consider a bowl of fresh peanut butter. I can honestly watch it for hours, forget Netflix.

14. Break your joints when they are finally ready to crack. Patience is young grasshoppers.

15. Approach the traffic light as it turns green. No one wants to move their feet a few inches to the brakes.

16. When the traffic must pass to you. One of the strongest feelings ever.

17. Get the email you were waiting for impatiently. However, I hope this is good news.

18. If you look at your phone for a long time and get notifications from people other than your mother! Owners!

19. The first snow of the season. It feels like no one has seen snow before, which is great.

20. When movie previews are over and the roller coaster silences something on your phone. If you do not pretend to drive with it, you make a mistake in life.

21. If you find a "parking space" parking space. Turn the voltage around a lot.

22. Shred a page of the notebook. Very nice, very clean.

23. If you dial number in the menu. This thing is like your golden ticket for lunch.

24. When the hiccup finally disappears. Please don't come again; you are not welcome here.

25. If a web page is loaded after the rotating dead wheel is finished.

26. The presence of a complete gas tank. My darling.

27. Your ears have appeared on a plane or at different heights where you find yourself.

28. If you do not want to go out physically, the other point is eliminated. It's on them.

29. Drink water after something warm. The ultimate savior.

30. When the Easy Mac that can be put in a microwave is finally made. The longest 3.5 minutes ever.