20 Things Ladies admire Men never focus on

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1- Call her twice a day

2- Don't wait until she asks you for money.

3 - Don't tell her that she's bored

4 - Kiss her forehead

5- Whenever she tells you that she is missing you and that you are not close, try your best to see her that day.

6- Play with her like your sister

7- Whenever she tells you, try to forgive / forget the child.

8 Spend some time with her and tell her how beautiful she is.

9- Don't cry her.

10- When she is crying, kiss her tears and tell her she is beautiful.

11- Introduce her to your friends.

12- Do not promise when you have no heaven and earth.

13. Hold her in the waist while walking together.

14. Tell her how special she is.

15.- If you are not sure about marrying her, do not contact her with the ring because women are usually hurt.

16- She is your child, take care of her.

Text her at 17 in the morning and tell her you are missing out.

18. Don't put a hand on her.

19. Edit her privately when she makes a public mistake.

20. Don't buy her the world with everything, but buy her attention.

Come back and thank me later.

Do I communicate with women?
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