This juice is contains a compound called acetogenin, this acetogenin forestalls illnesses like jungle fever and dengue.

Additionally, this juice goes about as an intense chemical for the liver, subsequently mending numerous incessant liver maladies, that incorporates jaundice and liver cirrhosis. It does so on the grounds that it contains the catalysts papain and chymonpapain, Papain helps in mending stomach ulcers.

This juice is wealthy in protease and amylase, and these chemicals help to separate proteins, carbs and minerals, it likewise help processing. 

This juice has high calming properties, it diminishes the irritation of stomach and colon. 

The juice recuperates ulcers by executing Pylori microscopic organisms, in light of its antimicrobial properties. 

Instructions to go about it: 

Right off the bat, get enough pawpaw leaf in a bowl, include little water and wash the leaves. 

Furthermore, put the leaf in a pot add water and bubble to draw out the juice. 

Thirdly, leave to cool and afterward strainer the leaf out.

Take a cup in the first part of the prior day breakfast and another cup after supper 

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