Please make sure you share this post across to any teenage youth in Nigeria because the information contained in this post is very important for all to know

It is no news that both parents, teachers and old people always advise their children against using their mobile phones while they are inside a toilet.

I don't know whether it is natural for all youths to behave this way. Even after everything they still continue in this act.

Today, I will be sharing my experience with everyone this morning so that you learn from it.

I entered the toilet just to empty myself and freshen up with my phone in my hands. This has gradually become a habit of mine even though I have been warned by my parents.

Anytime I go there, I usually overstay the required time. I didn't know this had an effect which is gradual. So, as I was there just like always, I discovered the presence of spores appearing on my body, little did I know it was the result of my always prolonged stay in the toilet.

The hospital confirmed that I have contacted an uncommon infection. I don't even know if I could still be cured.

I decided to let everyone know about this.

I pray that this will never be your portion in Jesus name

*Please, share to as Many People as Possible so that they will learn from My Mistakes*