Egg is a good source of protein. All ages eat eggs both old and young. But most people, especally the older ones have mixed feelings about eating eggs. They believe that egg is only for children, but let the truth be told, Egg is good for all ages.

Again, most people believe Egg yolk to be more proteinous than Egg white, but the truth of the matter is that Egg white contains more protein than the Egg yolk. Though Egg yolk contains more nutrients like Iron, Folate, Vitamins and other nutrients that support the eyes and Brain.

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Benefits of Eating Egg White: Of what benefits is Egg white to the body?

1) It does not contain cholesterol. So no need to fear.

2) Egg white contains more protein than the egg yolk. It's a good source of protein to the body.

3) It contains less calories, so if you need to loose weight, eat only egg white, it contains less fat.

4) Egg white contains an aspect of protein that helps to reduce blood pressure. So eating Egg white help to reduce your blood pressure level.

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5) Egg white contains Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) which helps to prevent Cataracts and Migraine Headaches.

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Majority of the Athletes eat egg white because they want to reduce fat while maximizing their proteinous food intake. All fats in an egg are found in the Egg yolk. Eating much of Egg yolks may increase the danger of having a Heart disease.

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