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Today, I will be showing to you how you can conveniently open your locked padlock without necessarily destroying it In case you misplaced your key.

All you need is just 11 pieces of magnets that's all.

Below are the steps and procedures on how to do it.
Step1: Get the padlock and the magnets

Step 2: Use one of the magnet to rub the key as shown below.

Step3: start putting the magnets at the opposite side of where the key use to open one after the other up to 3 magnets.

Step4: Then join the remaining 8 magnets together and bring them close to the key having the 3 magnets.

Once the two sets of magnets attract to each other, the key will open immediately as shown below.


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Kindly share to others to inform them to choose the padlocks they use wisely.