Garlic is a Nation wide kitchen vegetable but you never knew that some people do put it under their pillow for this reasons.

So many people who are finding it very difficult to sleep at night believed that putting a clove of garlic under their pillow will improve their sleeping patterns.

According to some steps outlined by the health website, the sulphur compounds in garlic along with its aroma have a calming effect that helps in improving sleep. The odour may be something to get use to at first before using it as a remedy for sleepless nights. It also has a positive effect on physical performance as ginger does and it also helps to retrieve energy for the next day.

Apart from putting garlic under the pillow, it is also advising to eat at least a clove of garlic a day on an empty stomach with or without lemon to increase physical fitness and energy.

It is also noted that garlic helps in fighting cardiovascular disease causing heart attacks and strokes which is one of the wold biggest problem is prevented by Garlic

After reading this; never miss buying garlic in your next shopping.