It is true that some people are just sadistic and by what this Twitter user tweeted there is no better word to describe her other than saying she is a sadist

Though her picture depicts one who is happy but she says we should delete the number of any text message we receive that makes us begin to smile

See screenshot of her tweet below

It reads "if you begin to smile when you receive a Text ,delete that number"

And I still think only a sadist would want to behave this way

Good thing other Twitter users don't agree with her see screenshot of their tweets below

their tweet reads

* why na what if its from bank


*someone clearly hates falling in love , who did you like this

*Even if its a text from my destiny helper

Just for advice it is very wrong for a lady to portray such character as it will affect her marriage quite negatively

A proper woman should know how to smile and make others around her smile