If you are using Whatsapp and have not done these 5 things then you might not be safe

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If you are using Whatsapp and have not done these 5 things then you might not be safe

Whatsapp is one of the most popular chatting application of our time with roughly 2 Billion global users around the world.

Whatsapp ain't just a chatting application but has also turned to a social media platform on its own or a community on its own whereby there are groups and status and even voice calls and video calls.

However, one need to know how to stay safe so as not to share personal information with those we should not share them with:

1. Clean up your contact list: Delete phone numbers of those that you do not have contact with any longer, if their contact is saved in your phone and yours in theirs then you can both see personal information which might not be good for you.

2. Recheck your profile Pictures: You know we Nigerians like to show off a lot, if we have given birth to 10 children, we like the whole world to know that we have grown up kids that are doing well, lets refrain from this as information about you can be gathered based on this and can be gotten from your profile pics of status pictures.

3. Enable two-Step verification: This will prevent you from being victim of SIM swap fraud. Also, it will not allow others to setup your Whatsapp account on another phone by stealing the OTP from you. Go to settings and add Two-Step verification to prevent someone else from locking you out of your account.

4. Restrict who can see your status updates: I know most of us know how to do this, but it is imperative to note this as well because these are personal information that we share on this platforms and it wouldn't be good for us to share those information with total strangers that might looking for ways to harm us. Just go to your Status privacy and change who can view your status.

5. Be group Savvy: There is an option for restriction of who can add you to a group chat. You can either change the group settings to everyone - making everyone able to add you to groups, another option is My contact which means only your contact list can add you to a group or My contacts except some certain set of people.

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