I bet you, you really won’t want pimples to be a problem to you, most especially if you’re a female, it’s kind of weird when you just wake up from sleep and you just discover that something is really not right about your face, you’ll be like “which kind thing be this na, they born two of us the same day?”.

But how can we get rid of this pimples without having to spend much?

Not only can onions be used for cooking, it can also be used to cure this thing called pimples

but how?

* Get your normal cooking onions

* peel the skin away

* wash to remove dirt

* slice it so that it will be easy to blend

* blend it till it is 90% watery

* pour it out into a bowl or plate

* separate the onion juice from the chaff by sifting it

After all this procedure, transfer the juice to a plate then you are good to do

Get a clean cotton pad or cotton bud for applications

Wash your face with clean water then your set for the applications

Use the cotton bud to apply the juice to your face gently to avoid the juice from entering your eye(we all know what onion can do to the eye)

Then wait for 30 minutes before washing it away.

And then What next ? you’re good to do.

Keep on doing it as frequently as possible until your normal face comes back to you.

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Disclaimer: skin differs from each other so I think you should stick to the method is better if this method don’t work for you

I am not a professional, this information was gotten from another source.

Try this method today

Your happiness is our concerned