The truth is that everyone wants to last for minutes or hours on bed,and many lady's seems to like men that can ride them for minutes/hours,

No matter how handsome you may be, if you cannot last more than 2minutes on bed,no girl/woman will be happy to have you next time.

And so many people have been giving their own remady for weak ejaculations and sexual issues and many also had been seeking the solution to they sexual issue,some have also gone to hospitals,haberlist and takentoo many medicine all to no avail, but relax I got you the best solution if you can follow the steps I will give you.

insteady of taken those medicine, try this Natural fruits that help me and thank me later,

(1)Bitter Kola is one of the best fruits that had been proofed to increase sparm count and thickens you sparm and manhood.

(2)banan, banana had also been proofed to increase sparm count.

This it the two natural fruits that really helped me to increase my sex stamina.

Now follow this procedure and see you sexual issues thing of the past.

(1)take one bitter Kola in the morning once you wake can take one or two, and wait for like two to three hours before you take you breakfast.

*take it 5:30am,and take breakfast 8:30am.

(2)In the afternoon you take you r normal lunch and one bitter Kola.

(3)and in the evening or night you take fruits

Especially banana and groundnut, and the nexr day you repeat for two weeks if you can forget about anyother food and take this fruits as I described here you must surely thank me later.

NOTE: you can take any other kind of food in the afternoon and one bitter Kola,

Try this and thank me later.