Article Credit: Jaelz

What Are The Consequences Of Dating A White Garment Cele Church Lady

Talking about Christianity, loads of people have reservations when it comes to white garment churches. The most popular and attended of these churches is the Celestial Church of Christ, P.K.A CCC.

Apart from their prayer styles, one other remarkable thing that stands out with Celestial Church of Christ, especially their ladies is their extreme beauty.

So there is this very fine Cele girl in my area and although her beauty is hard to decipher it takes very careful detailing and attention to notice it, I have heard my eyes on her for like a year now before I finally walked up to her, we have been dating for like 6 months and the problem is that I am seriously restraining myself because of the sad and horrid takes I have heard about them.

Like once you date any of them, you must join their kingdom because many of them are from the terrestrial world or if you sleep with any of them they usually steal your destiny and render you useless.

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