Counting from one to ten of the fast food we eat on daily basis, noodles will either be number one or two as the case may be, this is because noodles consumption is on the increase especially by young children and youths of this present generation. 

Noodles are considered as fast food which we usually take when we are in a hurry or when we can't think of what else to cook.

Where are the lovers of noodles? There are People who can't stay in a day without eating noodles. Too bad. Do you still eat noodles, please be careful not to harm yourself

The truth of the matter is that eating anything in excess is usually not too healthy. This is because noodles are made from flour, and in the process of manufacturing this flour to make it look the way it's looking like a noodle, strong and last long, it requires addition of some other ingredients. 

Most of these ingredients are bad to the health because they are chemicals like carboxymethyl cellulose CMC, hydrocolloids and even styrofoam. 

These chemicals are dangerous to health and poses negative effect to the health such as causing cancer, obesity because of the fat content and other health related dieseases. The waxy noodles is capable of increasing the risk of cholesterol in adults.

Write up Credited to Coolest2

Pictures Credited to Daily Advent Nigeria and Nigerian Foods