Delete these 4 apps from your smartphone immediately

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March 1, 2020

Although Google and Apple place high demands on apps so that they can be included in the official app stores, dubious applications always manage to smuggle themselves onto the platforms. Just a few weeks ago, 30 applications were discovered in Google’s Play Store who have spied on their users. And now security experts are again warning of dangerous apps for Android smartphones.

Four apps with malware

This time, “only” four apps are affected. These should, according to the security company Checkpoint however, be uninstalled immediately from the smartphones. The developers have integrated the “BearCloud” and “Joker” malware into the applications. They can activate expensive subscriptions or go to dangerous websites – unnoticed by the user.

Checkpoint specifically warns of the following four apps:

Flowery Phote Editor (provider: Castle Rock)

Compass (provider: Haken)

Landscape Camera (provider: Lonnie Carlson)

Homely Wallpaper (Provider: Mary Hickey)

Only uninstallation works

Anyone who has installed one of these four apps from the Play Store on their Android smartphone should delete it immediately, according to the experts.

This is the only way to prevent the integrated malware from doing any damage.
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