It is very easy to make a her crying and make her come back for it again. If you are a short minutes guy. It's sure your girlfriend will run to another guy to make her cry. They need it and we must give it to them in a hard way.

Here are five things to know about making a girl Crying and come back for it again.

1. Her Weakness

You have known her point of weakness. You can determine that by play and stop. When you touch her Weakness point her body system will tell you.

2. Style

When doing it and you want to make her enjoy it. Don't concentrate on one style. Practice many style at a round.

3. Water

Water can hold you well. After you first move, relax your muscles and drink a cup of water. Then start the second move. If she does not cry, Don't call me Johnrisky.

4. Stop thinking about it

You are a guy, what you can use your brain to think about is many. Think about making money or football on her. That will hold you well and make her crying in joy

5. Don't Rush yourself.

"I am on my way" that is the statement that kill many guy. as soon as some guys hear that. Their mind will be there full and when the girl come. You know the white water is very close and it will just come in 30 seconds. Keep calm and act as if your mind is not there and work on her body before do the did.