Now 21 years old and having reached 180 pounds, Bertha has been a fat person since childhood. When she was five years old her weight has increased to 90 pounds, and then all the way up. But fitness has given her a new lease of life, and she is now a fitness guru, with more than half a million followers on INS.

Three years ago Bertha's over-fat figure had been bothering her, so she began to look for ways to lose weight, dieting and diet pills were not working for her at all, and eventually she set her sights on the gym and achieved amazing results.

First, she looked for a professional fitness instructor to do systematic fitness exercises, and second, she followed her coach's advice and changed her diet, quitting her favorite fried food and drink to regularly targeting low-calorie foods, adding running and yoga to her daily fitness program. Bertha shared her weight loss process on social platforms and received a lot of attention, and she often interacted with her friends to share her fitness experiences.

Besa's ability to become a model stems from her fitness experience, which opens another door to success. She breaks the stereotype of beauty.