Phones are now commonly used by many. Phones is also known as computer. Since they are computer, they are bound to do amazing things beyond our imaginations. They are certain secret codes unknown to you that your android phones can do. For instance, have you ever thought of knowing someone's number identification, apart from using true caller or all other means. And have you also wondered on how to listen to someone's phone calls without the knowledge of that person. Such functions and secretes do exist and of which is unknown to so many.

Knowing secret codes is very important, because this enables you to track, monitor and get rid of anybody who violates you or violates the laws and regulations of the land.

However, in this article I am going to list this secret codes that your phone possesses that is unknown to you

10 secret codes your android phone possesses that is unknown to you

1. Number identification. To know your number identification or to know someone number identification of that person. Then dial *#30#. This helps to unveil the person who called you secretly and it also helps you to hide your own number

2. To know your statistics and secretes menu of your phone. Then dial *#*#4636#*#*. This in turns unveils your WiFi, CPU, and battery statistics. Not only that, it also opens the secretes menu of your phone

3. To disable any outgoing calls. Dial *33*#. This automatically disables any out going calls. And to turn of this functions dial #33*pin#

4. For instant factory settings dial *#*#7780#*#*. This automatically wipes and renews your android phone

5. To enable " whole installation". Dial *2767*3855#. This code is irreversible after dialing it

6. To enhance better communication on your phone. Dial *3370#. This code enables you to have a better communication via your network

7. How to listen to your self. *#*#8351#*#*.

8. To know your service center number. Dial *#5005*7672#. This  shows you all service centre number

9. To turn off your mobile phone without using your side botton. Dial *#*#7594#*#*. Your android phone turns off immediately without any menu poping out

10. To activate call waiting. Dial *43#. This automatically place all functions on hold. But this works more on iPhone

11. To activate quick service menu. The dial "#0011#

They are many of them, but the above mentioned functions effectively

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