Social Media users have slammed Toke Makinwa after she
shared pictures which failed to show her camel toe.

Toke Makinwa became a trend a few days ago after she
shared pictures showing her in short leggings which
revealed her camel toe.

According to her, “My Camel toe has more fans than I do”.
Fans quickly stormed Twitter as they gave different reactions
to the pictures.

While some found them seductive, some felt
she was being a bad influence.

Emboldened by the fame her camel toe brought her, Toke
Makinwa decided to go Kim Kardashian on her fans by
sharing the below pictures

Sadly for Toke Makinwa, fans couldn’t see the famous camel
toe that because a trend a few days ago.

This made some concluded that she must have worn fake
camel toe in the pictures that became a trend.