Kissing may can pose serious health risk to you, as there are numerous harmful germs in the saliva. These are lists of illnesses easily contacted from exposure to germs in your partner's saliva when you are exposed to infected tissue in their mouths.

1. Oral herpes can be spread by sharing saliva with an infected person.

2. Cytomegalovirus: This incurable infection which weakens immune system can be spread through kissing someone whose saliva is infected.

3. Glandular fever, popularly known as kissing disease, generally affects young people. It gets better without treatment, but it will give you severe sore throats that can last for weeks.

4. Hepatitis B: This liver attacking infections can likewise be transmitted through exposure to open sores of an infected person. If not treated, this infection is fatal.

5. Warts: This will cause lumps to form around your mouth after saliva contact with an infected person during kissing. Warts could go away without treatment, but this will take several months, and this infection can still return.

6. Meningococcal disease — this is a potentially life-threatening condition involving meningitis, inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, and septicemia. These bacteria can be spread either through direct contact or through droloplets. Studies have shown that, only deep kissing tends to be a risk factor in relation to kissing.

7. Tooth decay — the bacteria that cause tooth decay can be passed through kissing.

Finally, talk about these things with your partner before you kissing them, and don’t be reluctant to get tested or request your partner to get tested to be sure that neither of you have any of these infections.