The truth is that the prior thing girls need is money, it's after money that you begin to talk of other things.

But when they have been lured by your money, and they get to find out that some qualities are still missing, then still they will not be comfortable. They may even forget that you have money. That's when they will start loving a poor guy that has the qualities that they cherish most.

Let me tell you, no one can understand women fully because their lives are dynamic 😢. A reliable book on how to understand women is not real, and may never be published.

But even at this, you can still understand their lives to an extent if you are a guru.

So below are the things girls would expect from you but will never tell you:

1. touch her waist and pull her close

2. talk to her about your day

3. share secrets with her

4. give her your clothes

5. kiss her slowly

6. hug her tight

7. Hold her

8. laugh with her

9. Invite her out

10. Text her randomly in the day