Most of the problem facing by guys in relationship with girls nowadays are caused by themselves. Lack of experience and inability to read signs are major causes of their heartbreak and tears.

If you truly want to have peace of mind with women it's better you use your head than follow your heart.

Below are the types of girls you shouldn't even give a trial of falling in love with.

1. Girls Between The Age Of 18 To 23
Though maturity has nothing do with age but most girls in this age range do not understand love yet they are still exploring they do not know the difference between love, infatuation and obsession it will fade away with time though.

Most girls within this age range will like a guy at first sight but will loose interest within weeks or days into relationships.

If you get into a relationship with this kind of girls it's better you focus your mind on s*x and prepare for the worst women are naturally confused but they are more confused at this stage of their life they usually prefer bad boys and womanizer.

A matured guy who wants to build a relationship with such girls is building on sand.

2. Fast Paced S*X Girls (No Go Area)
Imagine you as a guy you met a lady on Monday and slept with her on Wednesday. The kpa kpa kpa. You may be telling yourself you game is tight bro sharrap you just met a community borehole.

Some mumu guys will feel happy they have found love at first sight, am not saying all girls because life can be strange but please do a reality check bro 90% of the time another guy might find it easy as you.

Sometimes these type of girls might no be ready for a serious relationship and might end it soon. Don't quickly catch feelings just enjoy the moment.

3. Flirtatious And Materialistic Girls.
A girl that loves fine boys a lot, a girl that likes flashy things like iPhone, cars and cannot resist guys that possesses these things this kind of girls is a no no for you. This is the kind of girl that will Bleep your friend, avoid them .

Your mental health is my concern love wisely.

Do you thing there is one or two which I need to add?

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