In the business world it could be said that funnelling strategy is a chief ingredients to making above marginal profit day in day out.

When opening a shop at one of the expensive malls like the ones that house businesses like Shoprite then you need to have your business game really tight. Having a shop in such a place simply means you need to be making good sales to cover cost of the shops that do not come cheap.

Well, on valentine day I discovered a trick that is used by some of the fashion stores. As I strolled into one of the shops that sell high quality wears for ladies, I encountered this voluptuous looking lady who was busy with selecting some female items along the accessories section. She was dressed up in a multi coloured themed clothing that clung tightly to her curvaceous body.

The usual girlie shape had nothing on her. She had a massive bottom exterior built like a bumper that would make a brand new car look more attractive than its previous model.

Anyways, I discovered that the presence of the lady got me fixated on her behind and this actually made me spend more time in the shop trying to buy 2 dresses for my girlfriend. I was tempted to walk towards her, but I held my cool as I remembered why I was in the shop in the first place.

I eventually bought the dresses and then left for an eatery to have a meal. On my way back, I discovered that the Lady was still in the shop acting like she was pricing some stuffs. Then a brick of understanding hit me that her presence there was just a marketing gimmick to help drive sales.

Did the strategy work? Well it may have worked for me if I had enough money to spend and secondly if I was not disciplined. I am sure there are handful of men who would not mind going back there repeatedly because of her big backside.

In everything we do as men, we need to be more faithful and dedicated in our relationships to avoid the shenanigans that could lead you to over shooting your budget.