Be advised: this seed is very bitter but effective

The botanical name is hunteria umbellata, while the Yoruba name is Abere).

1. For eyes problem: Chew 2seed morning & night until u are good.

2.for pile: grind 20seed mix with 35cl bottle of lime juice. Take 2 short morning & night.

3. For internal heat: chew 2-3seed and drink water morning&night.

4. For blood sugar and cure diabetes in 3-4weeks activity of glucokinase and normalizing blood glucose levels: chew 2-3seed and drink water morning & night.

5. For waist pain chew 2-3seed and drink water morning & night.

6. For high blood pressure,hypertension and blood lipids: chew 2-3seed morning & night.

7. For stomach problems: chew 2seed morning&night until u are good.

8. For Mr man booster or man power say bye bye to ogogoro and Stop using alcohol before sex our wife deserves a free and natural erection : Chew 2seed morning&night until u re good....

 peel it off before u chew it , it's very bitter and dried type is more potent.