There is usually a common saying or let me call it an unverified claim that in the movie industry, different sort of thing happens. Although I do not agree, the video of Nollywood popular actor, Odunlade Adekola and actress, Ayo Adesanya is making me think there might just be some element of truth in the rumours.

Nigerian and Nollywood Actor Odunlade Adekola was, in a video recorder by himself which he posted on his Instagram page, kissing Ayo Adesanya on set in a movie they were currently making.

The Nollywood popular man in the video kissed Ayo Adesanya by the cheek twice as he explained how funny the movie industry is that has made Ayo who happens to be in her 50s to have to act as his queen while he acts as the King.

He jokingly said all sort of things in the video and this might imply that there is nothing serious about the video. But the flirtatious words he said may want one to want to ask questions.


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