Reasons why you should urinate after making love

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People may have heard that peeing after making love is
beneficial, especially for women.
This is because peeing flushes bacteria out of the body,
which may help prevent a urinary tract from developing.
Here, we look at how peeing after making love may help to
prevent urinary tract infections .

We also discuss whether
there are any other benefits to peeing after making love.

During love making, bacteria can pass from the genitals to
the urethra. The urethra is the tube that connects the
bladder to the urethral opening where urine comes out.

Bacteria can then make its way from the urethra to the
bladder, resulting in a UTI.

Peeing after love making helps
to flush bacteria out of the urethra, helping to prevent UTIs.
Females are up to 30 times more likely to get a UTI than

This is due to two reasons:

 Firstly, the female
urethra is close to the vagina and anus.

This means that bacteria can easily spread from these
areas to the urethra.

Secondly, the urethra is shorter in
females than it is in males. This means that bacteria that
enter the urethra can reach the bladder more easily.

In women, peeing after making love can help to flush any
bacteria away from the urethra. For males, peeing after
making love is less important.
This is because males have a longer urethra. As a result,
bacteria from the genital area is less likely to reach the

Although there is no solid evidence to confirm that
peeing after making love can prevent UTIs, there is no harm
in following this practice.

It may help to reduce the risk of
UTIs, especially in women and people who are more prone
to UTIs.
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