When your parents told you not to smoke cigarettes, they were trying to help you.

As many people have noted on popular NoFap communities, their lives take a complete 180-degree turn once they start abstaining from internet porn. Not all benefits are going to appear at the same time – the NoFap benefits timeline is different than the 90-Day NoFap timeline. You should also know that there are both short-term and long-term NoFap benefits.

For example, hair regrowth is a long-term benefit, as hibernating hair follicles need at least 100 days in order to activate. A short-term benefit would be weight loss and clear, acne-free skin. These two side-effects can appear quickly due to their correlation with the hormonal changes NoFap and living a healthy lifestyle can bring.

What follows is the ultimate NoFap benefits list in existence:

Just like the intro of this website says – all humans are sexual beings. Everything in life is about sex. This doesn’t mean that you need to be addicted to sexual stimulation or pursuing women.

In fact, one of the worst things you can do to your motivational and creative drive is to sexually exhaust yourself.

The way the brain works is simple – the less satisfied you are with the circumstances of your life, the more motivated you are going to be. Sexual deprivation is a real thing. It works.

In other words, men that don’t get enough sex, tend to transform into natural born hustlers. Instead of living vicariously through TV show characters, you can literally become such a character if you stop sexually stimulating yourself to exhaustion

A weird thing happens to guys when you make them realize the degree of loneliness they are suffering: they become relentless in improving their social life.

Whether that is networking with like-minded individuals, or approaching girls, quitting the PMO-stuffed lifestyle will make you realize whether you are truly happy with the place you are at with your life.

It appears that once guys reach orgasm, they feel like they have “succeeded” in socializing for the day, and they begin to subconsciously limit their social interactions. They don’t have an accurate perception of the reality around them.

I mean, can you imagine some guy masturbating 5-7 in a single day and then having the energy to have interesting and deep conversations with people he doesn’t know?

It’s simply not possible. sexual exhaustion is a real thing.