Condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, used during
sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or
sexually transmitted infection (STI). There are both male
and female condoms .

With proper use—and use at every
act of intercourse—women whose partners use male
condoms experience a 2% per-year pregnancy rate. Their
use greatly decreases the risk of gonorrhea, chlamydia,
trichomoniasis, hepatitis B , and HIV/AIDS.

However, Don't let us forget the disadvantages. This article
presents some of the reasons you should stop using

1. It Causes Skin Irritation

Some men are allergic to the latex used to produce
condoms. Even though study shows that a very few
number of men are allergic to condoms, we can't still ignore
the fact that there are men out there that face such. Not
just the men only, as some women too have to deal with
the friction that comes with using condom which could
cause pains during sexual intercourse. For such people,
instead of enjoying it, the reverse would be the case and
they might end up going for treatment after it.

2. It Can Break During the Act

Condoms are not very strong and can break during s*x.
This in some cases cause unwanted pregnancy or even
sexually transmitted diseases. Imagine a situation where
someone wasn't careful while using condom and it breaks,
not only can it completely ruin the sexual mood, it will be a
disaster if after such encounter, one finds out later that one
is infected with a sexually transmitted disease or end up

3. It Reduces the Level of Trust Among Partners

When a lady insists that they must use condom before they
have s*x, sometimes, the man might think it is because she
doesn't trust him enough and same goes to woman if her
husband insists that they must use condom she might
think otherwise. Skin to skin s*x is mostly translated as
love, commitment and trust in most relationships.

someone to have s*x with you without condom, it means
the person trusts you with their life. This is very common
with married couples as most husbands wouldn't even
agree to use condom for birth control and if their wives
should insist, they simply see that as lack of trust.

4. Condom Reduce Sexual Satisfaction

It has been discovered that most partners complain when
using condom as it reduces sexual satisfaction whereas
those that have had skin to skin s*x and also had condom
s*x could testify to the fact that skin to skin is the best
form of s*x as it gives one this good feeling of being

Note that some men even find it very hard to have an
erection when using condom which could be a very
embarrassing situation and thus cause both parties to get
frustrated and not enjoy their copulation at all.

5. It's Not 100% Protective

Condoms do not protect us 100% from some sexual
transmitted diseases such as HIV and scabies infection
which is an infection caused by parasitic mites and just like
lice, this mites burrow into the skin and could be
transmitted during s*x, causing itching on the outer areas
of the skin that could not be covered by the condom.

Note that this parasites could be seen with the bare eyes and
often survive by staying in the pubic hair.